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This is definitely a scam, because if you look at how long each of these women are online, they are all on in about roughly 8 hour shifts. June 22, at 1:


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Touch your Apple ID found at the top of the screen. I don't see any Apple ID. What does it look like? Bumble requires Google location services instead of just GPS. I have followed all the steps above and there is no option on my phone or iPad to cancel the subscription. I deleted the account already. Please let me know if this is not working I want to cancel the order.

I'm not on bumble you guys are using my Facebook account!!!!! There a pic of my son and l!!! My number is The actual one is RelyeaC18 18 Hotmail. On my Android, I go to Play Store. Then, I click Subscriptions. It says, "You have no subscriptions for this account. Has anyone figured out how to cancel yet?? Im stuck in the same boat..

I have a android and i used my credit card to pay for it. This does not work you theives, you go to Google play go under accounts tap subscriptions and it say discover subscriptions get started and there is no subscription for nimble to click to cancel!!!! I had the same problem. So, I called my bank and had them remove and cancell the subscription. I just called Google play directly and blew the whistle on their little illegal operation, they are deliberately removing your email so it would appear you are not subscribed to the service but still billing you, Google play said that I didn't have a subscription with them because of this so I had to break out all my bank info before I proved I was getting billed so they are sending me an email to cancel the service and refunding my Money and launching an official investigation of bumble towards allegations of fraud.

I hope they nail them to the wall. Mine is doing the same thing! I am still paying the membership but my Google account says there are no subscriptions. This is the worst app ever!!!!! What a shame there is no direct number to call them regarding account or billing issues as unacceptable and unprofessional. They are,the worst the cheats, frauds and such by saying it is free, but then saying it really is not free and enforcing a membership fee of monthly or weekly.

Worst they charge the total of all months all at once which is very unfair. Bumble and Tinder make it virtually impossible to keep from getting recharged on you CC when you do everything explained. Their customer service states they do not cancel memberships, You must figure it out. I'm on Samsung n show no subscription here to cancel.

I only ok one month trial, worst dating site ever. Now I have to bank because 28 days later charged my card without knowledge. I want a refund. I got spamed by these guys and got some great offers by some hot women but I smelled a Rat because in real life these women would not look my way normally also in their 20s , so I googled scam and came here glad I didn't fork out my hard earned money on these creeps.. So here you go guys, I saw this site on my husbands email.

So I thought I would join to see if I could catch him. Well Horny affairs deleted my account. I once again signed up with another name they also deleted that accout. I have signed up 5 times and they have deleted every account. I sent them an email to ask them , they said for fraud. Pretty funny cause all but one never even had any pictures on it. Hey just needing some info I found a email from hornyaffairs on my husband's email.

Needless to say he said he didn't put anykind of profile about himself on the site. The one thing I'm concerned about besides the obvious is they or he had his birth date. The year was wrong but month and date was right. No payment was made already checked that and my husband has always left his phone and computer there for me to look at anytime I want.

This is a horrible situation. I started with one dating site and one by one others started getting emailed to me. Seen one gal in two different dating services. One said she lived in state of in. And another said she lived in state of mo. Some of the womens' photos Iv'e seen on google before while surfing for porn. And if you look closely at some, the girl can't be older than 18 but her age is stated as I was immediately a match with a hottie when I hadn't even put up a pic yet.

Wish it was true! Just because I'd love to go on a few dates and get laid, doesn't mean I'm stupid! Tha vast majority of these sites are a scam. Same fake or innactive profiles. Before you even pay, your inbox on the site gets bombarded with winks or flirts or messasges. I made the mistake a few years ago of paying for one of these sites.

Then thers the pain in the ass of your email getting blitzed by dozens of mails from other sites that are eithe identical or simialr. Aame process again and again. I have unsubscribed and blocked dozens of these damn things but still thry keep coming. There are genune site out there but not so easy to find. Most are scams and very few are legitimate dating sites that have the possibility to let you chat to real girls. I've been on Craigslist trying to make a hookup.

Everyone of these personals with the occasional exception of the ladies who state up front that they are looking for "generous men" meaning play for pay all end up asking you to verify your "age" by going to one of those sites that only want your credit card info in order to charge you. Like so many have already said "save your money" they're all scams.

This is another phony dating site just like passiondesire,xpickup. These sites fabricate profiles of hot women to lure and trick lonely, desperate men into sign up just to take their money. There are no women on any of these sites It is and hornyaffairs is still doing business as usual just like the other sites.

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