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The company you keep in the friends you choose to associate with is a reflection on you. There are lots of negative reviews that discuss why MeetWild.



On top of that they always direct you over to their website because that's how they entrap you into their whole scheme. The first text message is from Ana, a 21 year old who's from Texas wants you to "hit her up on Fish4hoes.

This is a classic trick used by dating scammers. Years ago they used to use this method with emails. But as with all technology when it progresses so do the spammers. They figured out that text messages are a great way to continue their fraudulent deception on the masses. Here is another spam text with Fish 4 Hoes in it. They always use images of hot looking girls. If you're receiving text messages from a girl you don't even know guess what it's probably going to be illegitimate.

What kind of random girl is going to email you sexy photos of herself when you don't even know who she is. And the real giveaway is when they text you a website that you need to visit.

When you visit Fish4hoes. For various reasons Meet Wild isn't a dating service that we would consider untrustworthy.

The number one problem with Meet Wild is that they like to use computer automation against their own users. There are lots of negative reviews that discuss why MeetWild. A quick Google search will show up more than enough information to validate this. The first thing they automate is email messages. After logging in to Meet Wild in a very short time frame we were engulfed with all sorts of email messages from many different females.

The emails are has the websites on terms page States automatically generated and they require an upgraded paid membership for you to see the contents of the email messages you are receiving and also for you to reply to the email message.

For instance we got emails from local girls that we thought were real but after reading the terms page we've now concluded that it's a farce. The emails aren't real, the emails are automatically created and then automatically sent to you and every person who joins the website. The reason for the automated emails, to trap men into thinking these are emails from real women. The truth of course is computer boss are behind the whole thing. Taken from the terms page section 1: On top of the emails, the instant messages utilize the same process.

In this investigation we're going to tell you that the actual truth about Fish4Hoes that they don't want you to know. Can you really meet local women here who want to hook up with you? Or, is the website nothing but a fake dating service created to rip you off. Logically with a name like Fish4Hoes what kind, if any women would join this website? Common sense should tell you that it's a scam right off the bat. Obviously this website is targeting men with a name like "Fish 4 Hoes".

We have all the answers for you, just take the time and read our investigation below, it's very eye-opening. The first thing we noticed when starting our investigation into Fish 4 Hoes was that when we clicked on the American flag on the home screen of their site we were sent over to another dating site called MeetWild.

Any evidence, any proof of fraudulent activity was all documented and put into our scam report. If you take the time to read our MeetWild review you will clearly understand why we marked it as a fictitious dating service.

The big problem we have with Fish4Hoes. The reason they've aligned themselves with me MeetWild. They receive a commission to promote that website. And the owners of Fish4Hoes.

All they care about is making money off of your gullibility. Another site that they're promoting is HelloHotties. We did a full investigation into that website in February , over 2 years ago. Just like the review we did of Meet Wild we went undercover and registered as a member on Hello Hotties to see if we could find out what was really going on. And the site is responsible for fabricating fictitious dating profiles of women. Please take the time to read our full review of HelloHotties. In the terms and conditions page of both phony dating services they openly admit that they create profiles that are maintained and operated by their own employees!

The terms and conditions page may have been updated since but that doesn't erase the fact that they did openly tell us on their terms page that they were creating dating profiles. Why would any dating site take it upon themselves to create fake dating profiles?

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