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I believe there are "some" real people on there But the site is so over run with scam artist from Russia, Africa, India and webcam people good luck finding them.

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Why HookupHangout is red hot for singles? Choose from our large database of red hot cuties and start chatting today Our database is full of adorable cuties for dazzling communication.

Simple functionality that looks good on any device. Please send us your feedback Here is a small sample from some of our many satisfied customers: Takes some time, but definitely worth it. Would recommend if youre looking for a bit of fun, chatting and meeting up with people who arent really in that relationship place yet but still have needs, if you get my meaning ;- - Annie.

You know, like, romantic dating? The good news is you can forget about that stuff straight away. Well, all of that is now a thing of the past for you now, because such frustrating etiquette has. Welcome to Hookup Hangout's guide on how to turn a one-time sex date into a multiple occurrence! It provides you a bigger range of selection and you can continue to be at a distance till you are ready to date.

If you've never ever tried it prior to or if you are stressed by any stories you could have heard, here are a few suggestions to get you dating on the internet securely:.

Create your profile today and arrange some fun for tonight! The naughtiest button you ever clicked: Search for local sex now! Some of the girls blow your mind and others arent anything to write home about but overall its a cool place to meet girls when your short of a few bucks and cant afford to hit a bar.

It works, takes up a lot of time and warning can be damn addictive! Yes, it is real! Make sure there's enough members in your area and happy hunting! Will I be able to meet a mature woman of integrity, and looking to meet someone of substance. Cancel it on your CC end. Just stop payment to them and explain to your CC company that you subscribed to a service but they make it impossible to cancel so you are stopping payment. Has worked for me on dating sites.

HH is a casual dating kind of site. Similar to AFF concept, but not as fake as they are. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Dear member, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. I can assure you that the only time employees post on review sites is when we receive an alert that there's been a dissatisfied customer, such as in this case.

Fortunately this is rare for us but when it does happen we do our best to solve any issues. We hope you will try again and this time adjust your search preferences accordingly to remove anyone living a certain distance away.

Thanks again for your feedback. Regards, the Hookup Hangout Team. Dear customer, First of all, thanks for leaving feedback — it's greatly appreciated as it allows us to identify areas where we can improve our members' experience even more.

We treat such activity, which as you say is easy to spot but nevertheless frustrating, very seriously indeed. Unfortunately, it can happen on any internet dating site or social network but the key is to identify and report such activity immediately to enable us to carry out a full investigation, with profile deletions and IP blocks applied where necessary. Rest assured that we already invest in the latest technology, as well as manual profile checking, to identify non-genuine members.

We go further than most to prevent scammers from signing up, as this activity does nothing but annoy our valued customers. We do, however, ask for your co-operation if you're ever approached in a suspicious manner. Our combined efforts are the best way to eliminate the few non-genuine users that evade the security checks that we carry out routinely on our database of millions. We hope you will keep this in mind in the future and sincerely regret that you were unable to enjoy the many advantages of being a member on our site due to the action of an external person.

We hope you will try again and thank you once more for your feedback! The Hookup Hangout Team. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. We offer a lot of features for free but, as we're sure you can appreciate, we do provide a service that helps you find sex and it's not a charity, with respect. Perhaps you have had bad experiences on other sites that generate fake replies, but this is something we are very much against.

If you are ignored by the users you contact on other sites we hope that you will find our members more responsive! However, please be aware that if this is the case, you are welcome to read our free articles that provide guidance on improving your profile and introduction messages to help make your page more interesting for women. We hope you'll give our site a proper try next time!

Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! Is the service real? See all answers 2. I'm trying to delete my subscription but it is forcing me to print sign and fax forms and I am unable to do that can someone help. See all answers 1. I want to cancel my subscription but i am not able to print and fax the form is there something else i can do. Hoe do I sign up? Is there any other way to sign up can I send a certified check cashier's check Etc.

How can I be sure this is not a scam? We have been a member on the site for roughly a week and we haven't received a single message from another member on the site. You can take this as a good thing or a bad thing. We take it as a good thing because it means that the site is not using any form of automated computer bots to send phony email messages to their members. In the past and over the hundred of reviews that we've done what always happens with fake hookup sites is that you will start getting blasted with fake emails from fictitious women who want to contact you.

This always ends up being phony and a scam to get people to purchase monthly memberships to the faux dating site. In this particular situation with HookupHangout. Not one email was received from anyone on the site. This was in fact a very good indicator that we were dealing with a legit dating service. Other indicators that a site is fake includes the creation of fictitious dating profiles that the website creates.

We have a number of different software tools that helps us to identify if profiles are using fake pictures or not. We found no wrongdoing on HookupHangout. No profile photographs came back as fictitious. This was another good indicator that this dating service is real. And yet another indicator that the site is truthful is the fact that no instant chat messages were received from anyone on the site.

With almost of our other dating site reviews we were always bombarded with tons of instant messages from women on the site. This was always another tool used to trick people into buying memberships to the fake dating sites. The only thing that we found in the terms and conditions page that could be considered an eyebrow raiser is the statement where they tell us that any member profile message or communication may not be genuine.

They go on to state that you should take caution especially if you're asked for your place of work, your address, your phone number or your name. We don't think they are admitting to any form of fraud or creating fictitious profiles.

Why HookupHangout is red hot for singles?