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I am pleased to answer your query. For lunch or dinner each day, I would eat a frozen meal.

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Because you have a known column of fluid in the drill pipe you can figure out the formation pressure by simply adding the drill pipe reading to the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud in the drill pipe. The additional psi on the casing gauge is the additional pressure needed to keep the U-Tube balanced between the casing side and the drill pipe pressure side. Understanding this concept is very beneficial when you start studying the practice questions. It is especially helpful when determining what happens to casing pressure, drill pipe pressure and bottom hole pressure when hydraulic changes are made when circulating out a kick plugged bit, change in pump speed, washed out choke, plugged choke, etc.

As I mentioned with the formulas above, the more you can think your way through a problem and understand what is being asked, the easier it will be for you to answer the question.

Another area where you can score huge points on the IWCF exam is on the gauge problems. I had probably 10 of these problems on my IWCF Level 4 exam and they made up a very large percentage of my final score. When I first started practicing them, most of them made very little sense to me what so ever. As I continued to review the IWCF Study Pack Workbook and gained a better idea of the equipment and the relationships of bottom hole pressure, formation pressure and the U-Tube, the gauge problems started to become easier and easier.

Always look at the mud pump rate. This occurs when the pump rate, casing pressure, drill pipe pressure, etc. These could be questions ranging from the difference between the various well kill methods Drillers, Weight and Wait, Volumetric, Lubricate and Bleed, Bullheading, etc.

On test day, I had a ton of theory questions that I had never seen before. Remember, the more you prepare, the less stressful the examination process will be! You can read his complete bio and the story behind this site by clicking here. Usually the instructors have no idea what exactly is on the test. Your work pack can it prepare me for level 2,3 and 4?

Good luck with your exam! I have a well control question. Took a kick casing psi was psi 0psi on stand pipe for a long time, operator opened choke with out ever having a drill pipe pressure.

I was against this. What do u recommend? While bringing up the pump to kill rate, keep casing press constant. For the rest it depends on the method you choose. Hi Ben I have tried several times to purchase your study guide by using the link on this website with no luck,I have also tried two different cards which have plenty of credit and still no joy , I do not have pay pal so is there any other way I can purchase this study guide?

Good piece — I was enlightened by the specifics. It should not be ? Total shoe minus riser? The 15 feet of difference is because the marine riser is 15 feet shorter than the length of the choke line. The marine riser is shorter at the rig floor. Look at other examples of filled out kill sheets and you will see the same. If you use m then you will not have the correct annulus volume. Good morning, on which iwcf version are your questions based?

I tried to pass the exam on september and IWCF provided a brand new version. If u can provide me the test version number i can check if it correspond to the new one. I have also sent you a message on fb. They are not actual questions from the exams, but they are very similar. The IWCF has a database of a a thousand or so questions that they keep very guarded.

Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Prev Article Next Article. Well Control Simulation Video: A great resource that helped me was a YouTube video produced by the Arabian Drilling Company that walks you step-by-step through the IWCF well control drilling simulation process: Mud Pump Trips Offline: Creating Simulator Flash Cards: Click on picture for higher resolution.

You may also like. Isam Ahmed Shibani 3 years ago. Best Regards Isam Shibani. Ben Dinsmore 3 years ago. Uche uduhiri 3 years ago. Thus is more than wonderful,thanks for your time spent to put this down. Well control en mudlogging in horizontal wells. Collins Okaru 2 years ago. Ben Dinsmore 2 years ago. Trey Pace 2 years ago. Ardy 2 years ago. Geoff 2 years ago.

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