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Later a lot of messages being sent were accidental including 12 I sent without knowing it. This is the perfect source to look for a long term partner that is more experienced in age.

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It's just been guy after guy like this. And those who say the same picture floats through continuously are correct. I joined "OurTime" for free, Once I paid for a subscription, nothing worked. Every time I attempted to sign in, it stated something was wrong. I could not sign on. I called customer service immediately, could not get a refund.

But I did cancel any further charges, I hope. I came onto the site with honesty and openness rarely afforded to anyone. I had all good intentions. Except I was the only one with good intentions. And, of course, both said they would pay me back. And one of my personal favorites was the one that had the photo of himself, shirtless, with a bit in his mouth admitting that he was "submissive". Further, very few of the "Today's Matches", followed my profile. I have requested a refund.

Let's see how that goes. I had been communicating with an individual who held himself out as military close to retirement. There were many red flags in the communications.

I finally did some digging and could not confirm the details he was stating and discredited the ones that he did.

Fortunately, I have family in the military and they were able to help me with this. The site needs to have a better vetting policy in order to have legitimate individuals interested in meeting.

This was my only time and will be my last. I carefully and specifically put what I am and am not looking for. I have no interest in atheists; I get matched with atheists. I get matched with smokers. The culmination of emotional and sensory overload. I did meet a few people, but it's just not worth wasting money on this. The majority are not in my town, and some are even out of State. Also some same sex people have propositioned me. It's all a flip of the coin whether you find someone.

At this time the site does not work. It keeps flipping to a site in the U. I don't like the fact that OurTime will tell someone you found them interesting, when you did not. I have received quite a few messages from guys thanking me for showing an interest in them, or that I said I liked their photo!

Then I see my photo and a note in a bubble saying "I am interested in you", "Let's chat" or something to that effect. So, it seems if you just look at a photo or maybe read a bit of the profile out of curiosity, it will tell the person you are interested in him or her.

I feel this is deceiving to the man or woman, as to possibly get their hopes up, when there is no interest at all. I did not see this in the rules, so I'll just have to try to be as careful as possible and wait it out until my account expires.

Warning to people looking for relationships on line. Avoid this website at all costs. You will regret it if you don't. It doesn't even deserve a 1 star rating and you will pay through the nose to cancel your subscription.

I met a couple of truthful men online but the rest are pathetic. I just joined yesterday. I'm hoping I'll be able to stop a renewal next month. I also can't believe how silly I was to not check the reviews first. I have always done that for everything! I try to delete contacts and it's not working. I take full responsibility for my blunder and will pay for the month.

Signed up for a month and in that time spoke to 1 lady, didn't go anywhere The response rate is truly appalling as it was with there other site dating direct in the end they gave me the option for ladies to contact me free resulting in a few conversations on dating direct. I cannot recommend this site, if you're a decent bloke trying to find a lady to date there are far better sites that are cheaper and yield a result, this one is crap.

Yea, you meet who you think are nice girls but 4 of them asked me for money because they got into Ghastly situations and they all seem to be self employed, parents dead, no family and trapped in a foreign country.

They sold my email and I'm still getting spam emails about 'she flirted with you' and when I look at the links, it's not from OurTime. After this experience I'll probably never go to a dating site again. Someone needs to shut this site down. I signed up on OurTime. There is no verification process and most profiles are fake.

Seniors are being targeted on this site. Save your money and go out and join a few clubs, dancing, kayaking, playing pool but you will waste your money and time on this site. OurTime is the largest dating site created specifically for the baby boomer market. In contrast to many other dating sites which offer a plethora of unnecessary options, OurTime keeps their interface and searches simple so that they can be used efficiently and with little to no hassle.

For a small fee, OurTime allows you to bump your profile up so it appears near the top of the search rankings. This helps make your profile more visible to prospective matches. Singles over 50 years of age who are seeking friendship, short-term or long-term relationships.

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Next select country, enter zip code, create a username and password, enter birth date, and provide an email address. You are then prompted to upload a profile picture and fill out a short bio, although you can skip both if desired. You may optionally browse through 10 photos and select those you like to send a flirt, or conversation starter, to selected members -- doing so is intended to help inform the site about your preferences to better match you.

Recently, the site added new features to the signup process that allows the platform to gather more information about you to better improve your matches. These signup features consist of open-ended fields, multiple choice questions, and an area to select interests -- such as foodie or movie lover. At the end of the registration, you are prompted to sign up for a paid account, and the platform clearly explains all the enhanced features available only to paid members, such as enhanced search and match options, the ability to see who is interested in you, and various communication features.

The login process for OurTime is simple as can be: This way, you don't have to worry about keeping track of your username -- just make sure to remember your password and you'll be fine. The home page is easy to navigate and understand from the moment you first log in, with clearly labeled areas to explore.

The homepage itself is basically a massive feed of potential matches you can quickly scroll through. These potential matches are showcased with a large profile picture along with a username and location.

Directly from the homepage you can view profiles, send flirts, or send messages. The Inbox section contains your email inbox, holds any gifts you have received, and allows you to access ConnectMe, a secure text message feature that allows you to communicate with others via SMS through a secure, protected number. The connection section shows who has shown interest in you. So many men and you see the same faces over and over.

They never contact me. I am an attractive, professional and fun person. Are all the people on these sites only going for the best looking model types? Good luck with that! Poorly designed, childish, unreliable, greedy and dishonest.

I removed my profile after discovering that they charged me for many months without notifications while I specifically subscribed for a one month paid service without renewal.

To begin, there is no free trial. You sign up, then send out your profile. When you go to look at your responses, the site does not allow you to do so until you pay for a membership. At least they could give you a free month to try it out. I removed my profile immediately and I quote the Raven on this one. So glad to read the feedback from current members who are trying not to be members.

It sounds as if this is not a good site from a business support perspective. It also sounds as if there are some ethical issues regarding payment reimbursements when requests for termination of memberships are requested.

I definitely will not be joining. Such a shame that people in their greed take advantage of others. I have tried before and the men that are in Ourtime are same in other sites. I have tried almost all of the onlines they have and no luck, I consider myself very beautiful lady at my age and well educated. They do anything to keep up the sites going on. Anybody can joined and make fake profiles like I did encounter some.

Its best to join groups or go out there!! After reading all the reviews posted so far, I am glad to see that I am not alone in my major disappointment with Our Time. I joined the site at the suggestion of my daughter and for the first couple of weeks, it was interesting to peruse through all of the profiles. That optimism quickly turned to frustration, disappointment, and futility as I uncovered the following issues: I have no idea if they are interested or not…very frustrating!

Thank you so much to those who wrote the review. I think reviews are a really good picture of what a company is like. I will not sign up and will pass on the info to those who ask. No I would not, I had tried the site for a breif period and tried and found it to be to old for me. I was on line recently and acidentally stumbled on the site, before I new it the automatic counter sighned me up again on the credit card i had used prior.

I have emailed them with no response, i will try again today. If no results I am going to contact my cc company and dipute the charge asap I do not like the tactics that these people are using. This is the worse dating service ever, I had NOt enough bad words to express the frustration to contact these People, I mean the Greediest people…I spent my whole day to fix some stupid issue that is so simple..

So, immediately I sent 3 e. No One has the time to even do shit, I assume all the workers in this service are keeping their eyes wide open charging our credit cards even by mistake.. Is any one smart out there know the Contact Number of these people.. Is they have a phone so we can talk and see if there are someone free of counting how much money they do every hour..

So, get back to me in that.. If anyone knows how to get in touxch with someone there that will be willing to help, please let me know. I will truly appreciate it. Does anyone out there know how to go about not renewing. It is expensive for what you get. I tried the toll free and it says not in service.

Ok also I agree with whoever said they get same faces. I ask for km distance and I live in Ontario. I get men from California, Texas, British Columbia etc. I wonder if these people know their geography. I thought the caliber of men on this site was woefully lacking. I received emails from men that could not write or spell. Many of the men were smokers, moderate drinkers and uneducated. I also started receiving the most disgusting sexual emails from moronic women.

I lasted 2 weeks. In a nutshell, stay away at all cost. Read on if you want to find out why. I joined them last spring At first I thought they were okay. After a few months, we broke up and I reactivated my account. So far, so good.

Upon examining my profile I was aghast to discover numerous woman had been trying to contact me. I had emails coming in throughout the time my account was deactivated. I try to treat people kindly and if someone takes the time to reach out to me, I always respond in kind.

Luckily, when I deactivated my account, I also set my account to not auto-renew. Next, I went about perusing profiles of women in my area. I was startled to discover the profile of a dear friend who lives nearby. Renewals are made even when they request they not be. All of this has combined to totally turn me off of OurTime. I have been researching different sites for my mom very active 60 btw and was so glad I found your review.

It is awful how these sites take advantage of people and can do more harm than good. Since then, I have been enjoying myself talking to other lovely women.

I think this is a great place to spend the rest of my time at. Without this place, I would be sitting on my porch and sleeping. Ourtime really improved my socializing skills. I barely talked to anyone before. The cost to use this site is just too expensive, especially when I am retired. The men on here are just old and grumpy people. Basically, I am not going to spend any more money here.

I saw the commercial for ourtime a few months back and thought that it was something that I would like. After I signed up, I have fun browsing through all the different profiles like it was a candy store.

It made me feel special. And then after meeting a couple of very sweet ladies, I met Sandra for dinner and I felt so lucky to meet her. We had a lot of fun times together that it made me feel 10 years younger. I am happy that at my old age I have found love again. I signed up at ourtime because I was told that they would have plenty of older gentlemen around my age that are attractive, but how wrong they were.

Most of the older men here that I met in person have bad manners and habits like smoking and drinking that I do not like nor care for. I already went through 2 husbands; I do not need another one that I am going to divorce. This place is just not for me. I meet woman that are around my age and similar experience that gives me positive replies. Like me, they all have children and grandchildren and just want another chance at romance and relationships.

From what I can see, there are a lot of quality women that are members here. This is much better than other dating sites that ignores me for being older. I feel more comfortable here than the other dating site I was a member of.

At my old age, I feel happy again since my wife passed away. Like how sometimes the ourtime slows to a snail or when I needed support, it took them awhile to help me. Overall though, I enjoy it. I tried to get my picture approved and it takes so long.

It seems like there are no one working. I mean it is a good think to have to be approved to have a picture up to prevent the obscene ones to get posted, but this is just too much.

This happens so often now that I just want my money back. I just turned 61 and am currently a paying member of ourtime. I first came on this site to find a partner after being alone for 10 years after my husband passed away.

Back then, I went on a lot of dates with older gentlemen and it was nice to have company. But for whatever reason, I was just not interested in any of them. Right now, I am no longer trying to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I am just using it to keep in touch with some of the friends that I made and enjoying the attempts of some men to try to court me. I use it more for just the social aspects of it now to keep me from being bored.

I am satisfied though, I can keep myself from being alone by talking to others here. I like to consider myself to be a high quality 56 year old man. I have a stable job, make 6 figures and have a house. But the women on here like to disagree with me.