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Ashley Alexandra Dupre didn't actually contact us a fake profile was created with her stolen photograph.


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You will come back again, defeated with a glimmer of unfounded hope. Almost all dating sites use some sort of matching. Nature has built into us the ability to select those we find visually attractive, first and foremost, and quickly.

Then we go from there. Though you certainly can find someone the other way, it is extremely rare that it works and you end up clicking. Its much easier and natural to do it the other way — find the attractive person, see what you have in common. They seem to have it made. If you write a message on a dating site, they immediately present you with other candidates that are similar to the lovely woman or handsome man you just wrote to.

Because they have to keep you interacting, keep your kid-in-a-candy-store euphoria going. This creates an environment of hundreds of men forced to bombard women, and women perceiving a false sense of choice, then becoming jaded, and overwhelmed. Your frustration level and the way you treat other people is completely irrelevant. All that matters is that you keep coming back.

Just a few ads here and there to hopefully do a little more than offset the costs of maintaining the site along with paying web development costs to keep the site a smart dating tool. In fact we help you by making it clear what connections you have going, and we prevent the bombarding with our clever methods. But do make a profile if you want to try it. Screen shot of fake emails used to deceive people so they upgrade.

It's quite shocking to think a dating site would stoop this low but you need to understand this is an actually a website designed to APPEAR to be a dating site. There is a big difference. Screen shot of the automated bots browsing our profile and sending us winks. One female member who contacted us was actually an escort named Ashley Alexandra Dupre. She is an escort involved in some sort of sex scandal with us Governor Eliot Spitzer.

You can take a look at the evidence below and we have also provided links to the direct locations where that exact same photo was found. Ashley Alexandra Dupre didn't actually contact us a fake profile was created with her stolen photograph.

But, we are supposed to believe that Ashley Alexandra Dupre actually contacted our profile? Why would a hooker involved in a scandal with a governor contact us? The answer is, she didn't it's all phony! Someone created a fake profile using her photograph. And from previous investigations the people that have the most to benefit from creating fake profiles is usually the fake dating site.

Fake profile photo copied from the links shown below the used to fabricate a fake profile: We saved the best for last. The smoking gun that proves without a shadow of a doubt how this dating service really runs their operation in their terms. This website admits to everything we discussed and we can prove it.

The terms and conditions of WantUBad. Read the terms page on WantUbad. This is the same story as countless other sites that we have reviewed. Fake bots and fake girls, WantUBad. We suggest you think twice before joining this site to meet women. I had to cancel my debit card. They charged me 4 times for an escort service in another country. Contact the fraud department at your bank and file a card fraud claim.

According to the time lapse from any debits, they may refund your money. Very interesting research — thanks for the info — now hte real question is — can you name a sight that is for real. You can't delete it. Yet my profile remains and is being used as bait. If you gave a picture, you messed up.

My friend signed me up as a gimmick and didn't read the terms and now I can't remove my account. Can someone please help! Deceptive low-life slimeballs ever seeking to steal your money. Payback's a bitch for the turds. Thanks for the information, I really appreciate it, saved me some cash, I fell for another scam like this a little while ago and I'm glad I decided to check a review first. These bastards hide your ability to cancel.

In frustration I em them a cancellation notice.. I think they are a terrorist organization and must be busted. Never ever use a credit card with these places. You should know you most likely not get what you are wanting but at least you won't get cleaned out.

The company behind MakeItNaughty. Hi i have just been scamed i payed for 3 day trial cancelled before the 3 days were up next day they took I am a real female and I believe these sites have posted a picture of me on their sites that I didn't go to, my cousin's brother in law saw my picture on a dating website in North Carolina I didn't post on any dating website in North Carolina. Help how do I get rid of my profile another person contacted me and said he saw my profile on naughty.

They need that info so they can verify it's your account so they can cancel your account or make changes to your account. Their physical address is Address: If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here. Hello thanks for leaving a comment please follow the instructions and need tutorial we wrote that shows you exactly how to delete your profile and that will ultimately unsubscribe you from the want you bad.

Please remove me from wantubad or I will call the authorities. I am not interested in your service. Aug 25 Remove my account NOW. The instructions aren't right for me. I for some reason, stupidly paid for this site, and now I would like to cancel my account. I paid for one month, but I see they have an automatic payment for every month. By going to settings and removing my account, would that also stop them from charging me.

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