Imperial Cleaning Uses Fake Profiles To Entice New Users

The owners then hire people to create fictitious "Fantasy Profiles" combined with the pictures and made up personal information to give you a fake profile page.

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Actually, let me cover costs quickly. Now back to the features… For example, they have an advanced search function that allows you to search via age, location, username, and other methods. With regards to messaging, you can send messages via their internal messaging system and SMS as well. The first thing that I noticed when joining LocalMilf.

The site owners are aware of the legal repercussions of simply putting fake profiles on the site. However, what they did to cover their ass was disclose this information. They specifically state the use of fake profiles and the communication between site administrators and real paying members. If you want more information on this, all you need to do is read section for of their terms and conditions. Now, we know that the profiles that the site creates are fake.

It goes without saying that this is the case. These fraudsters continue pumping out new dating sites constantly on a new basis ensuring that they have a new platform to deceive people. Some of the sites connected to LocalMilf. If you could do us a favor and help share this review on the social media to warn and inform other web users of what will happen if they join Local Milf.

This review is accurate. I did the three day trial and it was obvious to me that the responses I got were more than likely automated. Everyone was looking for someone but no one was will to talk on another service like face book!!?

I hope other folks will read this review before wasting their money. There are plenty of free sites out there that work just fine. By the way canceling was a hassel too. Thanks for commenting yes the site is an incredible fraud. Ha ha, I joined spending 70 dollars it took me three days to figure out it was a scam. One thing was in a small town of about 90 people had about 15 hot women looking for hookups, they looked like porn stars or supermodels, in a small farming community.

It was like that in about 4 other small towns. I cancelled my service and called my bank. All in all I have to really laugh at myself for falling for such a fraud. Totally agree with your report!!! It even has a picture of a lady on it ,which i have been told lives 10 km from me!!!

After many times,I still see my money fly,right out of my bank account,how to stop this bullshit bunch of crooks,lyers and thieves???

Can you please check on these sites,to see if they are real,so I can go to them or not? Be Discreet…I Am Naughty…. All those sites are fake as well. The review is spot on. Reading the agreement, i found that the fake profiles are marked on their profile page. EVERY profile i looked at had this mark. No real profiles that i could find. Yes I was scammed by this site also. I payed the money and then I never heard back from anyone after so it was all a fraud.

I had heard from a ton of ladies before I joined via email but when I paid there was no one messaging me. Yes scammed but they all are.

No replies and no they do not look as good as porn stars. I know that yall can not say good or bad but would surebe nice to be told here or hre works real or is it that there are none would hate to think that with all of thm that some one has not went legit and would sure like to find it.

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What was this phrase? Was it an ancient incantation designed to summon evil spirits? Was it ancient Sumerian cuneiform script revealing the origins of mankind? It was the following:. Never have we seen the admission of using fake profiles appear in such a succinct and readable form immediately ABOVE the registration button. Our staff being naturally inquisitive and high off eating rancid burritos, dug around as to why LocalMilf was being so honest about its fake profile strategy. It appears that LocalMilf had been having higher than normal chargeback claims.

This was causing issues with its payment processing service. So much so, that in order to mitigate the number of chargebacks, they felt it was best to just let it all hang out.

Normally, the user experience, functionality and overall performance of a hookup site would be front and center for a review.

In the case of LocalMilf, however, it is found here — near the bottom, like putrid goldfish droppings at the bottom of a fish bowl. Quite simply, upon registering the user experience is so awful that civility and decorum dictate that any description of it be placed at the bottom. We have visited many sites that inundate new users with automated messages to get them to upgrade, but none to the extent of LocalMilf.

In one hour, a new user can easily receive dozens of messages. All, unfortunately, originating from automated bots or fake profiles.

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