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Can jump ahead immediately. The Atlantis Fun Center is located on the 2nd floor above the main Casino. There's a small snack bar in the arcade. This is a fun place to bring the kids to burn off some extra energy.

The Fitness Center has recently undergone an upgrade related to the new Spa. There are several new machines, good space, and what you need for a fine hotel-workout.

The West lot of the Atlantis is large enough to accommodate an RV, but there are no hookups. The lot can get full, so space is not guaranteed.

There is no dedicated wedding chapel at the Atlantis, although the Catering department can set up a banquet room and host a reception. There is a small Business Center on the 2nd floor. Additionally, there is a very large Executive Boardroom that is new and excellent. The Bell Desk can arrange local transportation, and the Atlantis Concierge can help you coordinate a variety of local activities.

The staff is friendly, but the lines can get long during peak periods. The Atlantis has a motor lodge in a separate building. Check-in is at the main desk, pets are allowed. There are no covered hallways, and you must walk through a parking lot to get from the Atlantis to the lodge rooms. They're not as old as many rooms in Reno, but probably haven't been updated in 15 years maybe.

The Concierge tower is key-card access only. The Atlantis boasts a few of the largest and nicest penthouse suites in Reno. If you've got the bankroll to play, you'll never pay for these rooms Data from March The Lodge rooms were demolished.

Pets are not allowed on the main property. Atlantis Reno S. Atlantis Reno Review The Atlantis is one of the better Reno casinos, and is continually expanding, fixing, and upgrading their property. Vibe The Atlantis draws a mix of everyone, younger, older, locals, and out-of-towners. Atlantis Reno Gaming The casino at the Atlantis is full service, a large slot floor, a wide variety of table games, a new sportsbook, and a plush poker room. A- The Atlantis has a large variety of newer slot machines.

B The Atlantis remodeled their sportsbook in , and its the newest book in Reno. Atlantis Reno Dining The Atlantis can serve up some good food in all ranges:

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