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This is basically a massive cyber crime that's hiding in plain view disguised as a legitimate dating service. Both websites are owned by the same perpetrators and should not be trusted at any cost.

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That site is MeetBangNow. From all the intelligence we have gathered on MeetBangNow. It has no legitimate female members on it, the website manipulates you, and in the end they try to trick you into buying a membership to their dating site which is totally and completely useless.

And on top of trying to scam you they even try to triple bill you by automatically adding you to monthly subscriptions to porno sites without your consent. If you add that up with the thousands of users who get tricked into signing up for this fraud it can easily make the owners of this site hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. This is basically a massive cyber crime that's hiding in plain view disguised as a legitimate dating service.

Unfortunately most web users don't have the knowledge to understand how deep these type of scams go and how easy it is to get duped into upgrading to a paid membership.

A couple things that you should understand. First of all when you join these type of hook up sites and messages are being sent to you almost immediately from very attractive nude women that's a huge sign that you're interacting with a fake profile.

What are the chances that you're going to get inundated with messages from so many attractive looking women? Does that make any sense to you? If you're an average-looking guy and all the sudden you join a hook-up site and email messages happen right away take this as a sign that the website isn't truth and it's fraudulent. This is exactly what's happening to people who join Meetbangnow. If you've already given your credit card information and purchased a membership on MeetBangNow.

Since this is fraud and they're not offering a legitimate dating service you should be able to fight the charges. You should be able to get your money back.

Don't be embarrassed by getting ripped off, thousands of people fall prey to the same exact scams every single month. The important thing here is to fight for yourself. It's your money you worked hard for it so if you've been ripped off by this company contact your bank, file complaints and get your money back. Everything you need to know about what's really going on behind the scenes of MeetBangNow.

For your convenience we have copied and pasted the terms and conditions below, so you can understand in detail exactly how this site operates and the methods they used to manipulate and scam all of us.

You can also read the terms on their site right here on this link. Introducing, the grand-daddy of them all, Adult FriendFinder! This site has been around since —basically a thousand years in internet time—because it works.

Just honest to goodness, actual real live women who are down to fuck. The people on here are looking for the same thing you are. They wanna get laid. And again, no bullshit. Seeing a theme here? Some of you might have a problem with this site. And this shit works. Discreet encounters, lonely housewives, all that jazz.

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