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Which makes you wonder how much […].

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW [PART 2]//Keri Hilson: "Ladies, Own Your Sex Moods!"


The Romans were not White. They were Brown people. Why are White people in denial about this? They resembled the rest of the population of the Mediterranean like the North Africans, Arabs, Turks etc. Modern day Italians sort of look White because they're mixed with Celtic and Germanic blood. All those ''ancient statues'' that look White are fake.

Its impossible to find year old Its impossible to find year old statues in good condition without a single scratch. White people like to claim Rome and Greece because they don't have any ancient civilisation to be proud of.

Whites didn't accomplish much before the industrial revolution which was very recent. Why do all liberal candidates supports the expropriation of private property that comes with socialism?

All of the democrats so far have embraced the same barons of corporatism that Hillary was beholding to and that cost her the election. They wants that billionaire cash more than they care about people. They didn't care as long as he kept the donations flowing. Do you believe if it weren't for Obama and his socialist policies trump would never had been elected by a majority of Americans? Why is everyone trying so hard to topple President Trump?

No it won't pay off. Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the most underestimated man in human history. Why does the left condemn a Christian's anti-gay beliefs but support a Muslim's anti-gay beliefs? When a Muslim believes gay people should be killed for their sexuality, the left immediately says "They can believe that way because its their religion" but when a Christian even says one thing about gay people, the left immediately jumps to "They are so homophobic!

What is wrong with them? Is Obama getting Senile or just a Hypocrite? He's reading what he's paid to read. Bookmark Site Come back later and check for updates.

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