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Adam and I getting ready for the opera photo by Steven. Young and colorful, Vietnam is an increasingly stylish place. Bring your nice clothes. However, do as the locals do and be moderate. How could this have happened?! Escape via motorbike is easy. Loop the strap of your day bag or purse under the leg of your chair. Place your bag or purse between you and the driver, if riding on a motorbike.

Be weary of any strange, sexy women approaching you at night. Over the years, taxis in Vietnam have become safer, less scam-my, and overall, more hassle-free. However, some drivers will still, sometimes aggressively or even violently, scam you.

This happens much less-often with Mai Linh or Vinasun taxis. Anywhere I go, I love rooftop bars. In Nha Trang, try the Sheraton at happy hour sundown, best time.

These bars are changing every year, so do your research and go grab the best seat in town. Often, they have happy hour specials- the best time to imbibe.

Take a few minutes to explore on foot, especially the smaller alleys or backstreets, and you will find much friendlier, cleaner and cheaper hotels. There is an abundance of hotels in Vietnam. I have never been shut out. Over the past few years, an increasing amount of short and long term apartments have become available on AirBnb.

On recents visits, I generally use this site. In Thailand, booking through sites like Agoda generally will save you a few dollars. For whatever reason, the price in Vietnam is always cheaper when you show up in person. Plus, you can check out the room and bargain it down a bit, generally. I live by American Express Travelers Checks. I hate paying inflated ATM fees. Only some banks in Vietnam will cash these, however.

Consistently, Sacombank is the place to go to. Instead of Nha Trang, check out Quy Nhon. The people get friendlier, the food tastier, the prices cheaper and the culture more intact. The Pacific coastline is rocky and rough in the winter. There are some nice beach towns, but the beaches are not the highlights of Vietnam. Tell everyone else to go to Thailand instead. Steven is a roaming traveler, writer and urban planner based out of Asia.

I was born and raised over there until I was Last time I was there was in Just booked my tickets to go back in May. Was curious to find out what all the new things that I need to be aware of when going back to visit. After being gone this many years, everything has changed so much from what I heard. Thank you for your tips and a few giggles here and there from reading it. How was your trip? Great tips regarding trip to Vietnam. Before going to a new country we must know about these tips.

Thanks for reading, Tereza! Do you have any tips when visiting your home country that you can share with us? I agree with your comments. People wearing proper clothes. People sometimes trying to take advantage of the — predictable -confusion with local currency. Preferably beside a local.

They have the innate rhythm to negotiate motorbikes across roads. Be safe and enjoy. Yes, walking beside a local will definitely help you cross the street in Vietnam! Once you live in HCMC you learn the way to do it alone. I loved the detailed first hand experience.

At least now I can share this to my friends so they too can be prepared before we travel there. Thanks a lot Steven! I hope we enjoy this country as much as you guys did.

Thanks for reading and hope the list helps. Thank you for great detailed information about Vietnam. I grew up in Vietnam, and will be back there this month after over 10 years living here in the USA. I understand exactly what you talked about and appreciate your input.

You give me an idea that I need to do something to help my country be a better place for tourists. Just when it comes to tourist industry, people think about their income more than their reputation.

Follow your guides in the post, travelers will have so much more fun in their trips to Vietnam. Thank you again Steven! It just takes a tourist a few weeks to catch onto being overcharged, etc.

Each country can do more to make tourists more comfortable. Looking forward to my next visit and hope you enjoyed your return home! Your advice, especially about money, taxis and traveling in Vietnam is wise.

I was ridiculed quite a lot because of my weight kgs. An educated local said that I was being stereotyped as a fat bourgeoisie westerner who is corrupt and looking for prostitutes, which is something I have no time for. That said, I think people would be wise to keep their thoughts to themselves at times, especially thoughts involving guests to their country. That said, Vietnam is an interesting country to visit.

I admire the Vietnamese for their resilience and achievements. And most Vietnamese are cool. Just be careful with your money. Thanks for your input and I hope it helps others in your situation heading over in Vietnam.

Keep on traveling and sharing any advice! I am very sorry that you were ridiculed while you were in my country.

I am Vietnamese and I am ridiculed for my weight too! Just a heads up… Did you know that the operator of a news site has plagiarized your article under a different name? I mentioned it was ripped off, he said that it was sent to him. Hi, I read this post by chance and it is almost right.

I am a Vietnamese and I am really thankful for your post which shows your interest and respect with my country.

I hope you will go to Ly Son or Binh Ba island someday where you could find beautiful beaches. As a traveler I think you should enjoy your trip. If you be nice, you will see nice people.

If you easy going you can explore more than you image…. Or you will buy it in Travel agent about 10usd?

Everthing have there price. So if any accident happened with you and friends. Dont say it is dangerous. I do not want to be mean even to the meanest person I have ever experienced like YOU. Secondly, compliance with law is necessary, however, having a proper license does not guarantee you from not getting an accident. Driving motorbike is still dangerous, even for Vietnamese people.

You think you are confident because you have google map. Street name signs are too small, often hidden behind trees, traffic lights and electric wires. Thirdly, I believe that foreigners do not mind to pay for service fee if it is reasonable and transparent.

Everybody hates being cheated. Steve was upset because he was lied to by the hotelier, and even more upset that he was not told in advance that he had to sit in a hard seat for 13 hours. At least you should spend one day in Danang before heading to Hue.

All above that Steven wrote is, indeed, concluded from his own experiences. There is nothing that could be more right that that. But yours is too bias and abusive. I was born and raised in Vietnam. My hometown city has beach but it is polluted. Last year, I traveled to the Central of Vietnam.

I was impressed by many beautiful islands with clean beaches. I had never got the chance to traveled to South America, or Indonesia. But yeah, Steve, if you and Adam have chance to go back to Vietnam someday, definitely check them out. Hi, So I just happened to scroll down to the comments and read what you said. I understand that both you and Ha Linh commenter above want to make sure that your country is fairly represented and that people come to visit your fantastic county.

I do agree a bit, but feel that you were a bit harsh, but sure people get upset. What I think you missed is the intention och the article and instead focused too much on the negatives. Let me tell you about my experience with Vietnam: It was the worst travel experience of my life.

I hated the trip, and thereby the country. Over the next 7 years I then had no interest whatsoever of returning. Then last year something brough Vietnam to my attention again. I felt that I am a person that is open to different cultures and people, and I realised I wanted to give Vietnam another chance, because I was quite certain I had just had a bad experience. So with some friends we went to Hanoi and some areas around there, some tourist-y and some definitively local.

I had done a bunch of research including stumling upon this post about what to expect and you know what, Vietnam is now my favourity country. I dream of going back, every single day. Even immediately after returning home after the second trip, I just wanted to return. My point is that during my first trip I made a few mistakes: And when you feel that someone is trying to trick you, it really can taint the whole experience.

So when I hear people being interested in Vietnam I make sure to highlight some things to watch out for similar to this list , so that they are prepared and can enjoy all of the amazing things Vietnam has to offer, be it the natural beauty, the food oh the food! I can get so annoyed when I read about people having bad experiences in Vietnam, and not following the advice here. But at the same time, it is what happend to me. And I just feel sad knowing that those people may never give Vietnam another chance, which is a loss for both them and the country.

Basically, I think the article means well. Hello, read your comment and would like to ask for tips on places to go to on hanoi. We just have two days there so would like to know the best places to go to in such a limited time. PLanning to got Ho Chi Minh. If ever, that will be my first time to travel abroad. I read so many blogs about Vietnam travel tips but your blog is really helpful to me.

Especially like the tips 5 and Really helpful list here! My partner and I are planning a trip to Vietnam in the coming months and this was great to read to know what to expect.

I do have one question though. I read somewhere that it used to be common for hotels and accommodations to take your passport and hold it at the desk. As you recommend searching around and bargaining for a hotel room, does this still happen? Is it safe when it does? I was always taught to keep your passport safe…. Actually, I consider the hotel safe the best place for my passport in Vietnam. Usually there are cameras around there and the hotel has little incentive to steal a foreign passport.

The least safe place is probably in a bag on your person and the hotel room itself is probably less secure than a hotel front desk. Have a good trip and thanks for reading. Or would you suggest something like prebooking your first night? I would write down the name and address! Generally, hotels in SE Asia will put you in the worst room if you pre-booked online. But, for just one night it may not be too bad. This will facilitate haggling enormously.

Most Viet people will even regard you completely different if you approach them with some bits of their indeed difficult language. The locals everywhere will also find it endearing. Yes, I agree that the younger generation, esp in HCMC are far less aggressive with tourist money than the old generation. Often, I am not allowed to pay at all.

These stories just make me want to travel to this awesome country. We do not have a vietnam embassy here.. Im from Israel so its not that im not used to a little haggling but I still want to have a calm, fun trip.

I do know that for some countries like in south america the more local you go take public transportation, eat at small local restaurants the easier it is to be tourist trap free, but would this apply to Vietnam as well? Yes, it absolutely applies to Vietnam. Check out cities like Quy Nhon and Da Nang very virtually scam-free easy lifestyles. Read it before you […]. Hey Steve, Do you have facebook? Whereby I can chat with you in regards Vietnam more easily.

Spot on with the taxis! As a rule it should be 28,dong per km and 12,dong service charge. You know your Vietnamese fact very well! I love your point on how all these petty scams and tricks happen to anyone. Happened to me when I was in Singapore, China, and a few other countries too. But the way to respond to those negative experiences is refreshing.

Hope you come back to Vietnam soon. On a side note… If anyone is looking for simple, hassle-free and reliable visa to Vietnam, check out my site http: Hey, this article was awesome! I am leaving to Vietnam in January for 4 weeks so this made me a little less nervous and a lot more excited.

I will definitely let you know how well my experience goes! Here are 8 most famous things to do in vietnam. Thanks for the post!! I like that it was broken down!! Keep in touch and let us know if you have specific questions, JJ! Hope you have a great trip. Looking for things to do in Vietnam for 2 weeks? I am willing to be your tour guide with the fee is A HUG: It mean it is FREE percent. I can give you advices about how to buy everything without being cheated, best places to go to save money, how to become a knowing visitor, we can have street food together enjoy fantastic cuisine,discover culture, take selfie check in Roof Coffe or even do volunteering if you wanna.

Because it is free so you can not ask me the time we wander: I hope your messages results in some long friendships! Thanks for your tips. I am Vietnamese, my English is not good.

But if any one want to know more Hanoi, Vietnam I can help. Please contact with me via: I went to Peru and travel into most of main cities out there and it was not that bad. Do you have an email or facebook? Good to hear about your trip! Have a good trip! Shortly after registration of my email with the site, it wasn't long before I was messaged by a woman claiming to be from Grimes, Pa.

I knew right there that this was a scam. Grimes is not any kind of incorporated city or town. It's an interstate ghost town of shut down truck washes, boarded up diners, and closed rest stops-the result of a section of the highway being relocated a short distance north.

Signs labeled "Grimes" mark the old interstate exit that still remains. I am also continuously being emailed by dozens of porn star type girls from a nearby town called Host, Pa. Host consists of a blinking traffic light, 4 houses, and a church. I actually had a girl who messaged me from outside the site, and was supposedly "vacationing" in the the area, agree to meet me.

She insisted that it be at her" safe" location, which I already know to be a drug and gang infested housing project. This site borders on evil and is calculated theft.

Check your bank statements to make sure that they are not still charging your credit or debit card after you unsubscribe, have a laugh at yourself and chalk it up to experience.

But there is no response to text messages they are base in california. Numbers are in sequence which i though it was weird. Also email messages never get answer. Even when the other party sippost to be requesting a email or text which they force you to purchase text tokens.

I already know how this site is not cool all bad they got me but a lesson learned I should of seen it coming best of luck to ya on finding something real later.

Did you get your money back, Yea no doubt a scam. I live next to the town she said she was from and asked where that was located. Another time a got a response the next day and said she was out doing laundry. I can go on. This is NOT the number to Milfaholic.

When I called I was told they did not support that site and the only advice they could give was to go to the customer service section on milfaholic and do live chat. No one answered there either. Hey Jon they use a professional answering service to take calls because I talked to one of the operators that was kinda cool with me and she told me they get a lot of calls from people complaing about the service and told me to be careful so whats that tell you well you already know they are dirty take care bro.

This site is a scam. I want my money back. I want my money back and I want it credited back to my credit card. I have joined Milfaholics! I am getting a lot of response from women! I have a lot of them want to chat! I am going to see if this is real! I am going to make a date, take her out and I will get back to you.

The problem with some Men is that they are overweight,they show their junk, and and act rude or crude! They are horny cougars,in order to real one in you have to win their trust, engage them, have them feel comfortable,earn their respect, a lot of them are neglected wives!

Most women want a man who is confident! I joined milfaholic about a month ago, I got a few flirts, sent out alot of e-mails but never even got a single reply, even from those that had flirted with me. Last week I sent a message to 50 people that the site said were on line at that time. I have actually met a couple of women here.

It is true too that you have to act and treat them as ladies, not whores even if the show nudity. I do have to admit one tho…. It does seem like all of the women ave huge breasts. The women I met had b cups. If you met women on this site you are in the minority, good for you if you actually did. I find it hard to believe though…. This site is over the top.

I am going to work with attorney general to criminally prosecute these assholes. Like stealing from handicapped people-they are evil. The give aways are: Multiple accounts with the same picture. Repeat messages from same people…. Dwayne,,,your the guy thats hit on the head. I live on a very small Island in England and the first thing I was presented with was a large number of good looking women in one of the towns.

Just too many to be a reality. Zero responses to messages, also I opened up a second trial account only using a different location. The same women who supposedely lived near me now live across the country where I set up the second account. A lot of effort goes into making this site look real, but after a month of attempting to interact, I never, ever had a response. So have to agree that it is a scam. Did not reecognize any of the women, no way there could be that many unhappy in marriage and go naked online from that one little town.

When you click on one, it builds a memory que. They Never answer a message or if they do, it is the same canned message they already sent. If you send multiple messages to one, poof, they are now offline. Even the fully clothed, not so good looking, women that you think might actually be real— not. I just want to know how to get my money back? A rolling bill as it where. Got any idea to why this is? Call the number on the back of the credit card you used and tell them you want to dispute the charge.

They like to hear that you have called the culprits and asked for a refund, so say that you have, and then tell the agent the full story. Ask your card company to add these milfaholics to their list of questionable businesses and refer them if necessary to the numerous complaints on this page. Just did a month for NO responses at all. Did have a small conversation with a woman in Texas which is miles away!

Lol but no thing local and I sent over messages out! Such a rip off! Back to the bars I go! They had pages upon pages upon pages of profiles in my area and the surrounding areas, and there is absolutely no way there are that many women looking. I can also atest to the site milfaholic. I was lured in also an after the 3rd day now and no one replying to me I did as some others and put in the message if this site was for real and no messages or texts. So I too am going to call and try to get refunded.

Learned a lesson their. That is what happens when you let the wrong head do the thinking. Research stuff out before giving them your credit card number.

Yeah they got me to. Free enterprise sucks at times. Glad I came here. I finally put 2 and 2 together and came up with the exact same thing as everyone here did. Only a handful of cities used. Wish there was a way to collectively shut this site down.

I do get texted back, but its always at 3 or 4 in the morning, And get asked what you doing, DUH! Sleeping, they must be in another time zone. Or they say get back to them, And i text back in less than a minute and no answer.

Then i realized , when you text them back they take a token, so there just trying to get you to use up your tokens to buy more. Chat InformationAll operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly. Please contact this number Toll Free: The percentages do not calculate especially that I know hundreds and hundreds of people in the county I live in and its impossible not to see anyone on this site that I know.

Rating is no stars but I had to check one to go forward with this. I am reporting this charge to Paypal. Milfaholic is a fraud. They show profiles of dozens and dozens of white woman from Riverdale IL. But Riverdale is entirely black. Basic research you scammers. I had checked this out prior to getting onto the website, decided that the UNICEF Scammers would be fun to play with again, I had latched onto one on a dating website previous.

To my surprise, I not latched on one scammer, but three, all of whom I believe may have been the same person. The same story as on the other site, make a friend, get intimate conversation going, and then when they think they got you, they pull out the I need money to pay for food, then onto flight home.

After two weeks of playing with them I reminded them that a true friendship would never be based on a friend I never met, asking me for a thousand dollars. And further more after checking them out with UNICEF, fraudulent people can be prosecuted to the full extent for this type of action.

Of course that led them to silence! I called the 3rd party billing company Epoch at and asked for the charges to be removed. They asked me why and i told them about some of the sites reporting this scam.

Before i called Epoch i deleted my profile on Milfaholic and then cancelled my card after speaking with them. Better safe than sorry! From other reports i have read using the customer service help from Milfaholic will get you nowhere and could lead to more charges on your account.

Call Epoch they were very helpful. Have learned my lesson. When I saw the th. Penwell,TX is no longer a town, its an abandoned truck stop and oilfield equipment graveyard. You men are right, complete and total scam. Lets all get our money back!!!! Just like all the other guys here I got tons of introductory email messages asking to see me and asking for more info.

All this before I signed up for this bogus site! You have been warned. The minute I confirmed the payment transaction — zelch! Actually it seem to stop my regular email coming in my Hotmail account. I did get a message a day later from a lady asking if I could be discreet and one friend request. Neither replied back when I sent a message.

I recognized two porn stars. Sara Jay and the other was Aria Giovanni. We have already done an extensive investigation into SnapSext. For every new person that registers on SnapSext the owners of Dating […]. We have already done a full investigation into SnapSext. It's seems to me like it's a scam that is proprigated to go after those who don't know the online dating scene…I knew it from step one, but it's an interesting concept because I thought it's a safe way to practice my way through learning how to dealing with the new way dating was done…….

I went to that site and found that within a day, going on and off that I believe a response bot contacted me by the handle of ''Married and no sex'. Supposively it was 44 and from Lawton, MI. I carried on a conversation and most of the questions I asked were evaided. The ones that were answered didn't have any ryhum or reason to them.

None were answered direct on a personal level. Next, I contacted the help email because I was considering at one point to use my PayPal accound.

The answered me back and it was only by credit card or phone. That was a couple days later. So I read a bit through the terms of service. In there I found that cancellation could be done within 24 hrs of the end of that subscription.

So I wanted to see and log that site address because there it gave me a 'Click Here' botton to end a subscription. Well, there was another menu inside and I clicked on the cancellation option.

There wasn't an 'S' at the end of the http! NOw, there was an advertisement on my Android phone that day and it seemed to be related to the snapsext site being on the same page that they were advertising I believe. That site was snapchat. So just for kicks I downloaded the app and it would not let me log in under my UserID n PW that I used on that so called dating site we're talking about here.

So I was going to see what the registration was all about and read the Terms of Service there. And would you believe that they allow children as young as '13' to use that app?!!

I was uprooted and appauled and immediately email snapsext back replying on that same email that they sent rejection PayPal and told them that I was going to report them for corrupting minors!! And the later about that unsecured site that wanted your credit card information to cancel your subcription and told the that I'd report that too! I do not want to be giving any payment.

It has only been a hour since i made the account. What can i do pleaseeee help. All of the sites use misleading tactics as a method to bait people into upgrading to paid […]. Do not blame the hosts of this site.

Don't blame the men. Blame the women who can't satisfy their husbands. Leave them host and the men alone. If you have any advice, find their wives and give them coaching of how they can keep their men. Leave God and all commandments alone.

God has created humans and all we need. We need not bother God any more if we simply can't see how blessed he has endowed us with all we need. If this site is good for you and serving you well, keep doing what you are doing if that makes you happy. It is really a burden if a wife can't satisfy her husbands sexual desires.

After all, the men who do that have not received negative comments from God so HotR0d search for a cool hole to quench the Hotness of your R0d. Not true, legally, consent is required for an image to be used for any kind of advertising purposes.

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