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You sound so determined to save, so I won't recommend this BPI Easy Saver, although you can choose this, if you decide so.

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Hi Chris, first the penalty is charged if you fall below your required MADB for 2 consecutive months. Now, about your question of having only 1, at the end of the month, but you maintained your MADB for the month: No, there's no penalty because you maintained your MADB even if your month's end balance is only 1, This means you had higher amounts much more than 2k during the other days of the month, so when your MADB is computed, the MADB is still higher than 2k.

Can I ask a question? I have a UCPB atm account. The maintaining balance is 2k. I always deposit every month for the car loan that matures every 11th of the month. If in case that I withdrew 5days before the end of the month. And deposited on 2nd day of the following month. Will i be penalized with ? Hi Syetepie, how much do you deposit every month for the car loan?

And how many days does it stay in your account? Do you deposit that amount on a certain day and then the next day it's debited for the car loan?

So it stays in your account for only one night? And most days your balance is only 2k? I usually deposit the amount every 30th of the month then it is debited every 11th of the month. It is always in maintaining balance of 2k. I transfer money to other banks because I am afraid of double debit. What if tomorrow i withdrew which will make it below 2k. Will i be penalized? Even if i replenish it by end of month?

Hi Syetepie, since you did not write the amount deposited for your loan, I can't compute, but you can compute. Add all your end-of-day balances for each day of the month. If your total for the whole month is 60k for day months or 62k for day months or more for the month, then you have maintained your account for that month.

The peso penalty is charged only after you fall below the 2k average daily balance for 2 consecutive months. This is charged from month to month until you restore your account to maintaining-balance level. So if you fall below the balance for a certain month, make sure you maintain the required balance for the following month.

I can withdraw the and should replenish it soon before the end of month to avoid penalty. Hi maam, ngapply aq ng Bpi express teller saving accounts nung ngwowork pa po aq initial deposit nya 5h and may mMADB na 3k po from po until now no transactions po..

BPI atm account opened in with initial deposit of and no additional deposit ever since I suggest you no longer reactivate this account, as it was most likely closed about 3 months after opening, as you did not maintain it. It's not practical reactivating it as you will be required to pay huge penalties.

It's better that you open a new account. Security Bank account with 5k maintaining balance hi po. I opened an account last month at security bank, with 5, maintaining balance. But I withdrew yesterday 4, I might be able to return the money towards the end of july. Do I need to pay a penalty in july when I deposit?

My balance is only so I plan to add money for the penalty when I'll deposit in july. Do you mean you opened your account in May? This June, you have not maintained your account because you withdrew 4, Assuming you have maintained your account in May, you will not yet be penalized because it's only this June that you have not maintained your account.

To be sure, make a balance inquiry at an SB atm in July 2 to confirm if your account is still active. If still active, and if you deposit again towards the end of July, you will be charged pesos on July 31 because you have not maintained the required balance in June and in July.

Make sure you maintain your 5k in your account every day of August. If you're still starting in your career, it might be better to close your account and open a BPI Easy Saver or an account with a 1k maintaining balance. No penalty at end of day today, June 30 or early July 1. You'll be charged at end of day on July What if I I reactivate my account? It's better that you do not reactivate your account.

It's been closed for a long time, and it's not wise to pay a big amount of penalties just to reactivate. You can open a new account with BPI and then maintain it. Or you can click the BPI Easy Saver link above this comment to read about a no-maintaining-balance account.

I just happen to know about your site today, i find it really helpful and concise. I had this reported to bpi and they told me na hindi ko daw na maintain ang P ADB. I tried to follow yung instruction nila to keep a maintenance amount of 3k or more yet again, I got another service charge of P Also, I read from their email saying 'your account can be waived for incurring monthly service charge fees if you are receiving at least 1 remittance s per quarter'.

In my case, I have been receiving remittances 2x every month for more than I year now. Tama po ba ang intindi ko na - kung meron kang remittances na natatanggap hindi ka dapat magkaroon ng mga service charge monthly kahit hindi ka nakapag-maintain ng ADB mo? I hope you can enlighten me on this matter.

Looking forward to hearing your reply. Thank you po, in advance. If your maintaining-balance requirement is 3,, then your account is not the BPInoy account which can be maintained by a foreign remittance of at least once every quarter.

You should maintain 3, pesos or more in your account every day of the month. If not everyday, maintain a much higher amount in several days of the month so that when average daily balance ADB is computed, your ADB will result to 3k or more. I suggest you open another account with a lower maintaining balance or if you like the BPI Easy Saver account. This is zero maintenance, but in exchange, you are charged 5 pesos for every atm withdrawal and every atm balance inquiry -- it's better than being charged pesos.

After your new BPI account has become active, inform your sender you have a new account, and after he has replied, close this 3k-maintenance account, and say goodbye to penalties. Thank you for your suggestion Ms. Tamba, that was truly helpful.. I just wonder why my account has changed that way, kahit ako po nagtataka since this was just a normal savings account.

As you know, I have been asking tons of clarifications thru their email account, but each time BPI would reply - they would write me a lot of technical terms which in most cases difficult to comprehend, if not, mostly vague answers parati.. Anyway, I'm glad I read about this page.. Thank you once more. And I hope marami pa po kayong matulungan..

Nora, this is my question The balance will go back to 5, I will assume that you withdrew 3, because you said you will deposit back 3, I will assume also that you will deposit today, July 6. July has 31 days, so your total of daily balances for the month should be , from 31 x 5, From July 1 to 5, your total of daily balances is 10, from 2, x 5. So you need , more to have a , total. Do not withdraw until August.

Ok Thank you maam. Nagkamali ako ng type. Ibabalik ko ang 3, Kaya ako napatanong kc iba sabi ng taga BPI. Dapat 5, daw deposit ko to make it 7, para secured daw na hindi ma service charge. Masyado naman yata malaki.

I keep on arguing and explain everything about madb computation pero they insist na dapat 2, daw madagdag sa maintaining bal na 5, Hi Norman , that's great. I'm so glad that you are computing. Compute again, kasi iba na yong computation ko dahil you said you re-deposited 3, only. Basta dapat at least , yong total ng daily balances from July 1 to July About the tellers, busy kasi sila, so iisip na lang sila ng safe answer, so tataasan nila.

Compute ka uli, to be sure. I have a powerteens savings account in BDO 2, minimum balance and nung June 29, I converted it into a regular peso savings account 10, minimum balance. BDO has been deducting pesos for 3months March, April, May already from my powerteens account since I wasn't able to maintain it.

However, when I checked my account this July, they still deducted in my newly converted account. I went to my branch to ask about this since I just converted my account and I expect na bago po ulit lahat, na hindi na counted yung previous balance ko for the MADB. I'm not satisfied with the answer of the branch officer. She said that the deduction is still connected from the previous month which I don't believe since I just converted my account.

There was no advise from the teller who assisted me that my account was still below the maintaining balance when I converted it. If only I knew this, I would have just close the account and open a new one instead paying pesos again for the service charge or nagawan ko pa po sana ng paraan para mameet ko yung MADB. BDO Maintaining balance penalty: Hi NA, I'm puzzled why you converted into an account with a bigger maintaining balance, from 2k to 10k, when you said you are not able to maintain the 2k-maintaining account.

Sorry but you were not able to maintain your account, so they deducted the penalties. Ang hindi lang maganda ay alam na nila na you failed to maintain the 2k-maintaining account, why did they offer you the 10k-maintaining account? Anyway, just learn from the experience and see what you can do better.

Do you need this BDO account for remittance from your parent or relative abroad? Are you allowed to open an account in another bank? Because you can open a zero-maintaining account in another bank.

Then tell your sender you have a new bank and new account no. Easy Saver is good for young people who are still starting handling their finances.

It's better to pay 5 pesos for every atm withdrawal and every balance inquiry than paying pesos every month for maintenance.

There's this letter po from BDO that says that the powerteens account will all be converted into a regular savings account which has a 2k minimum maintaing bal. I choose the latter because I can retain my account number and I needed a passbook.

I've been with BDO for 5 years already and it's just this past few months that it went below because I am very busy in school that I can't even deposit my savings in my account. It's actually the first time that I experienced this deduction in 5 years. I'm disappointed with the teller for not advising me that there might be a deduction if I will still continue the account considering it will fall short on the required MADB of 10k if I got it converted.

She was also shocked about it when I returned and asked her since she also believed that it just got converted so why the deduction. She asked the branch officer and the officer told me "Diba ikaw naman yung may gusto na i-retain yung account number. Tsaka below maintaining ka kasi last month, connected yung ngayon sa last month mo kasi for 2 consecutive months na below madb may deduction.

But since I got it converted to 10k in the last week of the month, the madb will really fall short. If only the teller advised me about that sooner then I'd make a better decision. They can actually see po pala in their monitor if your account is below maintaining or not. Sa tingin ko po hindi natignan ng teller yun. Regarding po in opening an account in other bank, BPI is not a good choice for me. I'd still choose BDO.

This is a lesson that I just learned in my 5 years relationship with BDO. Thank you so much for your response Ms. Thank you for commenting again. You're financially savvy, so I'm happy for you. It's great to know you're able to save from your allowances, and you're able to make wise decisions.

Yes, it's also good to have a passbook so you can see your records of transactions. Keep being smart, keep saving and have a nice day! This blog is very helpful. I now understand my MADB of 5, What is the Minimum Balance to Earn Interest needed worth 10, Is that the amount I should have so I can get 0.

If they're computing interest quarterly, you should be able to maintain at least 10k for 3 consecutive months to earn interest. As of January pesos ung natira sa balance ko sa Metrobank. Mula non d pa ako nkapagdeposit till now.

Does that mean na 6 s ung penalty sakin? And what should i do if i just want to close my account. Hi Ken Metrobank account: If Jan was the first month your account was below maintaining balance, yes, you're right, you have been penalized 6 s, and your account balance is most likely -1, Make a balance inquiry at a Metrobank atm.

If you can see your account balance, or if it says "account on hold," it means your account is not yet closed. If it says "account closed" or "account not existing", then closed na ang account mo, and you don't have to do anything. If your account is not yet closed, you can either ignore it, or visit your branch. Majority of people would do nothing about it.

Common knowledge naman na pag hindi na-maintain ang account, the bank penalizes the account, at pag wala nang balance, it automatically closes the account. Ito lang kasing Metrobank, there have been several people who have commented here and in some Pinoy forums, that after some years of leaving their Metrobank accounts inactive, they were surprised to receive a letter from Metrobank, instructing them to go to their branch and close or reactivate their account.

The question is why would Metrobank maintain an inactive account for many years. Meron din namang isa who said that after getting the letter, he went to Metrobank, and the teller told him to ignore the letter as it was a miscommunication. But if this issue bothers you, and it is a big thing for you, wala namang mawawala if you go to your branch and ask the teller "closed na ba ang account ko?

Pag hindi pa, ask them, "please close na. And never pay anything to close. Wala kang dapat bayaran. Wala namang rule sa closure, except yong peso penalty if account is closed within 30 or 60 days after opening, at yong the bank has the authority to close your account for a valid reason. Very helpful po mga information ninyo.. Salamat po ng marami. Maganda ang Optimum kasi pang-savings talaga itong account na ito.

Higher ang interest rate kesa sa regular accounts. Pero I suggest na i-open mo lang ito kapag meron ka nang existing bank account at name-maintain mo ito. It means na kayang-kaya mo nang mag-maintain ng high-balance savings account at hindi ka withdraw ng withdraw. The maintaining balance of Optimum is 30k, so you should maintain at least 30k in your Optimum account, everyday. If there are days na less than 30k, dapat during the other days, much more than 30k ang balance para at the end of the month, pag i-average na, 30k pa rin ang average daily balance for the month.

The penalty for below-maintenance is per month, every month na hindi na-maintain, starting on the 2nd consecutive month the account was not maintained. Go, start saving, or keep on saving. Hello, tanong ku lang po tungkol sa maintaining balance, for example 2k, i have 2k on the first day of the month and still 2k on the end of the month, magkaka'penalty po ba ako?

Let's say na 2k ang maintaining balance requirement. Kung every day of the month, from the first day of the month to the last day of the month, andon yong 2k mo, na-maintain mo yong account for the month. Pero kung first day and last day lang andon yong 2k mo, at yong ibang araw ay cents lang or few pesos ang laman, hindi mo na-maintain yong account mo for the month. Buti na lang ang rule is magka-penalty ka lang kapag hindi mo na-maintain ang account mo for 2 consecutive months.

Halimbawa, hindi mo ma-maintain ang account mo this August and next month, September -- magkaka-penalty ka ng pesos sa Sept Nora Thank you for this blog. Everything is in laymans term. Do you work in a bank? If so, can you also talk about different investments for an average juan. If you already have, can you send me a link. I like the way you discuss topics, it is easy to understand. Hi girley , thank you so much for your encouraging words. No, I don't work in a bank.

But I've been a client of banks and their products since I was very young. And I've had lots of both bad and good experiences with them over the years. I'm glad you're interested in basic or not-complicated investments. Ganon naman dapat -- invest tayo starting with those that we understand fully, and then gradually read up on higher-level investments.

If you're just starting, you can put your money in a time deposit. Puede sa BPI Family Bank, the biggest savings bank, or puede namang any bank near your residence or work. Pag malaking pera, of course, dapat sa any of the top 20 banks na. PDIC's deposit insurance covers only up to , pesos. Puede rin sa Pag-ibig's 5-year MP2 savings scheme. Cherry Te August 29, hi po mrs nora, ask ko lang po di po kase ako nakakapag hulog sa passbook ko ng almost 2months?

Hi Cherry , oks lang that you haven't deposited in 2 months because you have at least 10k in your account. This means your balance is far above the maintaining balance requirement.

Yes, your balance is earning interest. The interest rate for savings accounts though is super low, so don't expect much. Your goal is to save a lot so that later on you can transfer your money into a time deposit. You can also read about mutual funds and real estate now so later on you can invest in mutual funds or real estate. I will look into Pag-ibig's savings program. Also, I already like your facebook page so I can get informative updates from you.

Nora, may God Bless you always. Because what banks compute is the average daily balance for the month, not the balance at the end of the month. If you add all your balances every day of August from Aug 1 to 31 , there should be at least k, so that when k is divided by 31 days, the result will be at least 10k. By the way, the penalty is charged on the 2nd month the 10k ADB is not maintained, so this means you also did not maintain your account last July. Kapag naka-more than 1 month na yong account mo, okay na siya na i-close, if you like.

Kung ma-widro mo lahat up to the centavos, at mag-zero balance 0. Kung closed na, wala ka nang account, and no more account to worry about. Pag merong matira na centavos, ma-automatically close siya at the end of the 2nd month.

After you withdraw your 2k at merong matira na, for example, 98 pesos, puede mong gamitin yong atm card mo sa supermarket pambayad ng anything worth 98 pesos, if you like. Hi, ask ko lang po.. Ngayon i'm in debt with pesos in my account. Question ko lang po eh kung possible na ma waive yun since ang purpose lang talaga nung metrobank account ko is for payroll purposes.

Gusto ko na din kasi i close yun since di ko na nga ginagamit yung account ko dun. Ang mga banks talaga naghahanap kung saan sila puedeng maka-profit. Wala namang banking rule that an account owner should close his account formally.

Eh kung wala nang laman, dapat automatically i-close na nila. Lahat ng mga sumulat ng ganitong case ay all former Metrobank account owners. Walang taga ibang bank. Eh super dami kaya ang nag-o-open ng account tapos napapabayaan na lang.

You can ignore it. Wala ka namang na-violate na banking rule or law. But if it bothers you and you keep thinking about it, at malapit lang naman ang Metrobank branch sa yo, you can visit your branch and tell the teller you are closing your account because you have left the company that got you the payroll account.

If ever you are required to pay, ask them what it's for, and tell them it's the first time you have encountered such a requirement like that. Never never pay anything. Wala kang na-violate na rule or law. Wala kang liability sa kanila. Hi Nora Thanks sa info.. Now I can finally sleep well. Thanks for coming back to share your experience. May nalaman na ngayon ang mga nag-a-awol na puede pa ring maibigay yong back pay nila.

At tip na rin sa mga payroll account owners na maganda rin na iche-check yong atm card nila from time to time kung merong possibility na meron pa rin silang back pay. Sayang din yong 2k. Pero anyway, ok na rin at solved na yong iniisip mo. Thanks again for sharing!

Have a good night's sleep. Nag withdraw po ako nung July 18, hindi ko po na-maintain ang 3k balance sa account ko. If magdeposit po ako ng 3k or above sa account ko, magde-deduct po ba ulit ng pesos this month? Hindi ko ma-compute ng exact kasi hindi ko alam kung magkano ang balance mo from Sep 1 to today.

Ganito ang gawin mo: There are 30 days this September. At sabi mo 3k ang required maintaining balance mo. Multiply natin ang 30 days x 3k. Dapat kapag i-add mo lahat ang balances mo every day from Sep 1 to Sep 30, ang result ay 90k. Ngayon, kung mas mababa sa 90k, dapat dagdagan mo pa yong ideposit mo, hindi lang 3k, para 90k or more ang total result if you add all balances every day from Sep 1 to Please comment na lang uli.

When i deposit 4k every month i will never have any penalty??? Oh that would be great! You'll be able to save a lot of money! Implement this plan and you'll be glad you started saving early in your life. How much is the required maintaining balance of your account? I hope you already have this amount in your account when you opened it, and that you have maintained it. And now that you plan to deposit 4k every month, yes, sure, your account will never have any penalty.

Maam, my remaining balance from my bdo account was 1 thousand pesos only, last march pa yun. Now yung mother ko nagdeposit ng thousand pesos from greece at pumasok naman, pwede ko kaya makuha yun ma'am? Yes, puede mong widrohin kasi account mo yan.

Ang maximum withdrawal limit sa ATM is 50k per day. Ang maximum limit per atm witdrawal is 10k. If you need to withdraw more, withdraw the rest over the counter. Sabi mo 1k na lang ang balance mo last March , at your mother sent k. Ang balance mo ba ngayon is k plus? I asked kasi nakakatuwa naman na hindi nagbawas ng penalty ang BDO kahit walang foreign remittance in the past 18 months, or hindi na-maintain over the past 16 months. I hope you can comment again.

I mean po dipa ako nag update at tinatanong ko po kung clinosed or dormant na ung account ko ma'am. Regular peso savings po Last transaction last march po. Sinabi mo kasing "at pumasok naman. Mas malamang na automatically closed na ang account mo, at nawala na yong 1k na balance doon.

Make a balance inquiry at a BDO atm. Kung hindi na active, visit BDO with your ID and ask if you can reactivate your account and how much you will pay for the penalties. Kapag hindi na puede, ask them kung anong remedyo para makuha mo yong padala ng mother mo from Greece.

Malamang ang sasabihin nila ay ask your mother to go back to where she sent the money in Greece and make an amendment, meaning i-change niya yong "deposit to account" to "CASH PICKUP at BDO" to you para makuha mo na lang yong remittance mo over the counter.

May peso savings account yung may passbook at atm card sa BDO If I remember it right, last ako nagwithdraw.. Tinuring ko na siyang close account, as in parang wala na akong paki.. Ngayon may pera ako, nais ko sanang ibangko, magagamit ko pa kaya yung BDO Account na yun? Natatakot kasi ako baka magdeposit ako ng 15,, tapos dedeductkan nila. Yung na charge ba nila, sa kabuuan na yun? Halimbawa 20months ng below sa madb, mga kaya ichacharge nila? You're right na kapag 20 months na below balance, ang total penalty is Mag-open ka na lang ng ibang account.

Yong atm savings na lang, para 2k lang ang maintaining balance requirement. Kung mag-oopen ako ng bagon account sa kanila, di kaya ako nila kaltasan? Kung nag zero balance na yun, di kaya naclose na yun? Nung nag-open ako lang maintaining tapos naging Sorry I missed your response. If you open a new account, hindi nila babawasan yan nang penalty for your closed account. Una, most likely closed na yong old account mo. Para maayos, i-check mo muna itong old account mo.

Check your balance using your atm card. If it says no existing account, or account closed, then you can apply for a new account.

Easier to maintain yong atm savings account nila na 2k lang ang maintaining-balance requirement. And most likely, nakain na yong 3k mo ng below-maintaining-balance penalty, which is pesos monthly. Try making a balance inquiry using your atm card. Troia sotto la doccia 49K visite. Gioco con lamia amica In privato con Rio K visite. Un gioco da party diventa una grande orgia K visite. Doccia per le ragazze K visite. Non ne ho mai abbastanza di Taylor K visite. Brandi Love divora l'enorme davanzale di Allie nella doccia K visite.

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