Imperial Cleaning Is The Same Scam With A Different Name

Continuing to look at this site on google, my second photo was also on fraud, FlirtLocal, and another one in Belgium I guess she gets dollars and euros. Lolz, i guess im not the only one, i personally like to use tineye.

Investigation revealed is a scamming site


This isn't the only dating site using this type of fraudulent behavior, far from it but be forewarned that the email messages you receive on this dating service will be completely automated. Do you like chatting with people who are paid to pretend to be interested in you?

The employees who work at Meetwives. These people can be defined as digital escorts, but without the happy ending. They pretend to be interested in you but in reality all they want is your money. The people employed to act like real female members will do or say pretty much anything except meet you in person. They can never meet you in person because they're not from your location, they're not the age they say they are, and the girl in the photo you're chatting with is not the person you're really interacting with.

In fact the person you're chatting with its probably not even a girl to begin with, let that sink in for a minute! This is a real head shaker. While deciphering the terms and conditions we came across a statement that said "you cannot use any type of scripts or programming for messages emails or other communications that may be generated automatically". How surprising is that when the website's own admissions clearly state that they themselves send automated email messages to their members!

On top of that they prohibit the creation of fake profiles that don't resemble or describe you. All you need to do is go up a couple paragraphs in this review and you will read how Meet Wives is clearly involved in fabricating fake female member profiles. This site is all about double standards. They can do anything they want, but if you create a fake profile or send out automated email messages even using an auto responder that is strictly prohibited.

This is laughable to say the least. And is irony at its best! This prohibition includes for purposes of an example, but is not limited to, the creation of fake profiles that do not even approximately describe you, but which, in fact, describe another person, fictitious or otherwise. They will contact you, then ask you to contact them thru an email address. When you do that, you will get a reply back saying they can't read your email, so contact them thru matchmeetups. The girls obviously get paid by matchmeetups to get you to sign up!

The other ones that chat with you and don't try to get you to sign up???? I don't know what their deal is…bored maybe??? Your story sounds like mine. I'm still getting messages from these girls. Their replay comes back with, my message unreadable and two girls had the same screen name on the same site. I saw a picture of teacher on xcheaters and sent her a message and mentioned her by name and she never responded.

They especially don't like it when you test intellect and if they pass that test, a distance geographic test since most of the messages you'll get are from someone with a shown location well out of the range of free members to get to quickly.

The first photo I looked for on Google turned out to be from a news article in Iran on psychological issues with women. I am very afraid because I posted a nude picture and even if you delete it I saw the same picture in another site. Continuing to look at this site on google, my second photo was also on fraud, FlirtLocal, and another one in Belgium I guess she gets dollars and euros.

You are correct about meetwives. Or at least, some are real local people, whether they are really interested or not, who knows. There are at least 6 out of the ones "supossedly" from here out of 32 total that I have met before or recognize as actually living here. But then, even the best lies are always based on "some" truth! It's funny, but after posting the first message, I went to visit the two "real" sites you listed.

Imagine mmy surprise when I find that the username I normally use, is already there! Also, they were without passwords. The first I logged in with the one I used elsewhere several times, and I am in! Directly to am "upgrade" screen telling me I had messages I needed to upgrade to answer!

That one I just typed in garbage as the password and I am logged in. OK, post 3 in a very short time. I actually met someone from meetwives. A "in public, let's see" type meeting. That said, I tried the "look up photos on Google" bit. HOW the Hell could you do that?

That shouldn't take but a few thousand years, WITH a fast internet! I had NOT gotten replies to a couple who had contacted me first, one of which I knew was real. Sent an email support call about not getting messages… Reply came from "Jennifer" support avatar in 5 minutes! No explanation yet, even though I gave the other persons ID. But they DID respond. I just don't think it is their doing. Anyway, I do wish I had heard of you before I did get scammed several times with sites you list.

You can tell these sites are full of fake profiles…. Im on 3 sites where my username is my mobile number! I regreted for paying meetwives. Thanks for the details. I was also asking my self when looking at their profile and see that all the womens are student or Ingenieur.

Well as old as we get, we still get scam. Yes I could tell many storys how I have been scam. Asian Date would be the worst one, but still I tried, then Meet wives, yes I did it again. Why are we men so stupid?

One thing I should point out is I live in a town with less than people, but look up most sites and you will find hundreds more live in my town. Hi you old randy geriatics. Its good to see that we old farts are still as young at heart as our cock allows us to be,I must admit that I have to use viagra to help me a little bit now that I am 74 and widowed.

It is the first time that I ahve seen a site telling of the scams that these conmen get up to,I have been mad such a fool of on some of the sites that have been mentioned. I will not be conned anymore,I will keep on going out to the local nightclub and ogling the ladies that go there.

One night I may get lucky. Anyway good luck to you all and don,t get scammed but in the same time don,t give up,there is some woman out there who needs you as much as you need them. Good luck and happy hunting. PS I feel like I am in my 20s again. All these sites operate in the exact same manner. Please read the full review of NoStringsFun.

I must also just add that smartdates is the same. The profile this wiomen is in a south african city and then you see the same on another stating she from somewhere in the USA. You sing on pay the subscription and then all stop and no responses to your messages ever come back. This site has tricked me too. These women are not moms, housewives, teachers or women from your area.

These are completely fabricated profiles created by MeetWives. We aim to entertain and amuse you — and in order to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend with us, we will employ technical means to engage you in the simulation of flirting with and discovering other attractive people. If we do it well, you may never be able to tell that we are doing it or know when it happens.

In reality, this site is anything but free. Here is how much you will be asked to pay in order to communicate with anyone on the site:. These are people hired and paid by MeetWives.

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