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Told me her mother had accident couldn't come for 2 months and no more emails. In fact, in some regards the entire process is a romantic adventure ripped straight out of popular romance novels.

Why I believe that is a scam: my negative review

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More than likely, you will never actually get to talk with her, but rather will speak with a paid agent of asiandate. There are on the web multiple negative reviews of asiandate. This section was added on 18 December , based on an email that I received not long ago from a reader of this page. This reader is a member of asiandate. His experiences with the site - receiving to letters per day with the vast majority from women outside his preferred age range; having his complaints about this fobbed off; chat sessions with the senders of the letters being ice cold; etc - had led him to suspect that it is a scam site, and he writes that this page confirmed his suspicions.

He also writes though that he has been in contact with genuine women through the site, including via webcam, which turns the "possibility" that I raised in the previous section into a reality. He also adds the following advice which he feels is very important and needs to be added to this page. It is based on his having done business and lived in China before, speaking some Mandarin, having had a Chinese wife and thus "[knowing] the lay of the land and cultural twists and turns better than most".

His advice is to always ask to see an ID card. This is how he came to the conclusion that the women he was talking to via webcam were genuine. He writes that Chinese people never proceed with a contact without first getting a scanned copy of that contact's ID, and that members of asiandate. This section was added on 5 March A second reader has written in to add that whilst Robert's advice to ask for photo ID recommends good practice, you should be wary of forged ID, and should perform other due diligence such as asking for further identification, chatting on web cam, and checking social media accounts to verify identity.

He adds though that some dedicated scammers, by going to extraordinary lengths, can dupe even the most careful member. These are scammers who are willing to spend months working on their victims in order to get money out of them. Every letter received in one's asiandate. Consider, too, that if you attempt to swap contact details by which to communicate privately and off-site, to avoid asiandate.

This happened to my friend after he accepted my conclusion that the site was a scam, and tested the theory by asking one of his correspondents to respond to him off-site via email or Skype, providing her with his email address and Skype username: So, was his letter being translated or was it being censored?

Note that you agree to this although it actually says nothing about Skype or other instant messengers in the terms and conditions , under 5. You may not include in Your correspondence with other members any URLs, email addresses or telephone and fax numbers ". Getting back to the subject of translators: Also, on the subjects of terms and conditions and lack of privacy, be aware that under 5. There are negative reviews of this site, identifying it as a scam, littered across the web - I've linked to two already, and reference many more at the bottom of this page.

There are also, however, plenty of positive reviews Look closer, though, and it becomes apparent that these are highly likely to be fraudulent reviews. There are many examples of these on the asiandate. How did I infer that they are fraudulent? By investigating with Google Images the original sources of the profile pictures of the reviewers, both positive and negative - at least where those profile pictures existed; not all reviewers included them - and by comparing the review votes with the review votes of other websites.

The following table lays out my findings, one review per row, starting with negative reviews with profile pictures, in order from earliest review to most recent, then moving on to positive reviews with profile pictures, again from earliest review to most recent. The table below demonstrates that the profile pictures of supposedly genuine positive reviewers were in fact pilfered from random sites on the web, strongly suggesting, along with the other evidence above, that these positive reviews are fraudulent the negative reviews have no such problem.

For proof that I have not manufactured or edited these images, in case the agents of asiandate. I have now frozen these pages so as to be able to offer links to them without improving their search ranking, as well as to prove their existence at time of writing].

Let's say you're operating a scam website, and you know that some of your marks are going to get suspicious and google your site plus the word "scam". You might want to put in place some measures to limit the damage, mightn't you? It's not surprising, then, that when you google "asiandate. It is implausible that anyone other than an agent of asiandate. Are these the actions of a reputable site? Today - 20 October , some three and a half months after this review was first published - I discovered that various sites and pages have been set up linking to this page, and to other pages critical of asiandate.

I have no hard evidence as to who the culprit is, but it doesn't take much or even any imagination to work out who has most to gain from such a tactic. As usual, I will not link to these pages, however, I have again taken snapshots of a few of them via FreezePage as proof that they existed around the time of writing, and those snapshots are linked to in the below list.

Bear in mind that these are only a few examples - there are many more: Most of those sites link to it only once, and none of them more than six times, except for the datepraguewomen. Most of these sites are unwilling participants - e. The campaign seems to have begun about a month ago. Thankfully, any effect it might have had has not prevented the average search ranking of this page from improving in that time. The upside of it is the information it provides: Because of this, these articles are the first three entries in the "Other informative references" section below.

If you have been convinced by the preceding that asiandate. As indicated in the introduction, other domain names alias to asiandate. It appears that the site changes names when the weight of negative reviews and complaints on the web associated with its current name becomes too great for it to bear. In general, be very careful in the online dating world, because these are not the only scam sites out there.

An invaluable resource for learning and sharing information about the scam Asian dating sites in particular is the DragonLadies. The following are potentially helpful links that I encountered in my research of asiandate. Honey Bruce Pretty kind lovely with except for one friend tell me that she get divoiced today. Lijun 1 2 3.

Honey Bruce Thin better on account of sick though one friend tell me that she get divoiced today. Dear Bruce Better beside kind long inside one friend tell me that she get divoiced today.

Quinggui 1 2 3. Eduard Leonardo, singer, actor and reality TV star. Guy Farmer, poet and joke writer. Jack Abraham, successful internet start-up entrepreneur. Google Images search results. It's plausible enough that a genuine reviewer of an Asian dating site is such a big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks as to choose their logo as his reviewer avatar.

The Afternoon eye candy: Is it really plausible that a genuine, virile, self-respecting, heterosexual reviewer of a dating site would choose some other , and random "hot", guy for his avatar? The Kingston Times article Facial hair fanatics share their stories of personal growth or similar. Note that, as described in the linked article, Lee Thompson is gay.

It is not wrong for anyone to love anyone of different backgrounds. Bless up, and thanks for helping to repopulate the Alkebulan nation! I gave up on white men a long time ago after reading the racist garbage views about Black women on the internet.

Let them date Asian girls. Btw Asian women are very pretty and sweet. Just remember to love the person you are with for who they are not what race they are! She was separated and hiding from her Puerto Rican cop husband who probably would have killed me, she was fitting me in while her black boyfriend was in other states she was straight with me though. Does this black women hate me and want to knock me out?

I married the Asian lady I love. Did you ever think of dating white European men instead of Americans? I am married to a wonderful blue-eyed German, I am African. I am Jamie from UK. I am an International contractor that deals with the construction of roads and bridges. I am new into this dating site stuffs, am looking for a nice asian woman i will love forever because i am a man that knows how to make a woman smile. I believe in long distance relationship because it needs a lot of strength and courage.

With due respect, i will like you to write to me through my email so that we can start expressing our feelings together. My id is jamie. Rather shallow, and doomed to fail. I have a craving for Asian women and dated a few of course. Their looks and intelligence are attractive. But I also read that after a certain age, like 50, they get old looking fast. Read that if you want a woman who stays beautiful longest, a part black, part white woman is what you need.

I think the people need to go beyond the exterior and take time to see if they could live with one of them. If only the personality matched the looks. I married my wife because I love her. Asian women value intelligence education hard work. That photo looks nothing like a natural Asian woman. They call it the Bagel Girl look. Not an Eastern body with small boobs, wide waist, small hips and short legs.

The Far East has a Lolita complex that is taboo to the West. Watch out for the Japanese perverts targeting White women who visit Japan. To change their jawline, to change their forehead line. You should get the basics! Do you have friends who have had plastic surgery? For Soo-Young Chin, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Southern California, having the eyelid surgery done at birth, as some parents choose to do to their children, is no different than circumcision or a clitorectomy.

I asked one woman why, and she said it was because her whole generation was born that way. Obviously her mother had had it done to her at birth, and never told her. Skin lightening is a relatively smaller market in the West when compared to Asia. In the West, Skin Lighteners are primarily marketed as anti-aging products that are intended to deliver benefits such as reduction of freckles and spots. In countries such as the US and the UK, rising demand for skin whiteners is attributed to the increase in immigration and the resulting expansion in the base of ethnic groups.

As stated by the new market research report on Skin Lighteners, Japan represents the largest market worldwide. Consumers in Japan, especially women, are known to spend more on skin lightening products than women in other countries. Ashikari finds through observations of women at several sites in Osaka during that In the Minimata epidemic in Japan, there were 42 brain-damaged children in live births.

Only one of the mothers had no sign of having mercury poisoning. Majority of the mothers had used mercury-based bleaching creams during her childbearing years. I already look like a ghost after living here for 3 years! I want to be able to buy a quality moisturiser without smearing bleach-like chemicals all over my face.. The fierce Samurai warriors of Japan feared no-one and lived in the hope of dying as heroes in battle. White facial powder used by the women was the cause. Lead levels in the bones of adult women were roughly double those of men in the study.

With global lead pollution much lower before the beginning of the industrial revolution, Dr. His study showed that the women of the era had far higher levels of lead in their bones than men, and this contamination was passed on to youngsters while nursing. My sensei kabuki dance trained with professional kabuki performers in Tokyo and uses the same makeup which she has taught her students to use.

Kabuki makeup is surprisingly durable and I have performed in very hot weather with my face dripping and the makeup remained unmoved. Unlike Geisha makeup, Kabuki makeup should go right to the hairline with no bare skin showing.

Be sure to cover the ears, neck, and shoulders a little further than the kimono will be showing. Also, in kabuki, all bare flesh is white, so you will need to do your arms and hands. If you are doing a male part, the legs and feet will need to be white, as well. I recommend doing the hands last when everything else is already applied. I was once looking for some facial cream similar to Nivea to sooth on my face after shaving.

Sure I found some and after applying it after my morning shave I looked in the mirror and instead of the tanned skin I had before after some serious beach relaxing, wham… Casper the friendly ghost was looking at me in the mirror! My face had a pale look of artificial white that made me look like I was at deaths door.

Sure enough after inspecting the normal looking small blue Nivea tub, for all to see written on the side was the added ingredient and guaranteed whitening affect statement.

Yesterday we decided to go shopping in a vast shopping area called Orchard Road. We decide to go shopping in one of the many malls. As I browsed the shop we noticed everything — body lotions, face creams, face washes, hair removers, even toilet roll — had skin whitening ingredients in them.

In Thailand most TV ads show men and women who are abnormally and quite blatantly touched-up to look lighter. China Love dating agency.

Fake letters, fake photos and fake correspondence. Over three months time, they conned me for over a thousand dollars. I spent three months in contact with what I thought was a Chinese woman that was seriously interested in me. Over that time, I noticed inconsistencies in the stories and letters.

I also saw photos of the woman over that time, transformed from a beautiful woman that looked half her age, into an unattractive, frumpy, middle-aged, overweight woman.

It became obvious to me, that I had been swindled and they had pulled a bait and switch. The experience cost me in excess of dollars, before I figured it out and pulled the plug. I later went to China on other business and met the lady. While there, I visited with the woman for a full day and have since had email conversations with her. I got the entire truth.

This is what I know as fact and can prove with photos, documents and letters. The matching agencies use Chnlove. The women do not write to you and your letters are not being read by the ladies. You are talking, flirting and falling in love and discussing your deepest secrets with a translator who is trained on how to pull the heart strings of a love sick western man.

The lady who they are representing has very little knowledge of the correspondence between you and the agency. But they are aware of the tactics and dishonesty that are taking place on their behalf.

They translator discourage direct communications of any kind, as it will end their revenue stream generated by translating letters between the two of you.

Some excuses you may hear are: You will hear many stories and excuses that directly contradict each other. Let me say this, computers are very accessible to everyone in China. Most everyone under 50 years old is computer literate. The computer game QQ Farm is a national pastime in China. What a load of crap. I once saw a decrepit old man riding a cart pulled by a water buffalo, while talking on his cell phone.

My god the photos. You have never see such beautiful women in your life. Only trouble is, they are fake. They start with a professional photo session, with tons of makeup and then they photoshop the image into someone that you would not recognize if she were staring you in the face. Well, they knew you would ask and they have those waiting for you, prepared in advance just for you.

They have thought of everything and know their business. No slur intended, but the Chinese have had thousands of years of practice separating you from your money. I strongly advise you to stay away from Chinese marriage agencies that use this marketing technique. They are nothing more than organized crime with a very good store front. Asianbeauties is a massive scam.

They are taking advantage of honest guys looking for a serious relation with an Asian girl. I spent a fortune chatting with her until she admitted she could no longer do this to me…She admitted she was not the lady on the pictures but just an interpreter forced by her agency to chat with guys in order to make them spent money. An ugly middle-aged Chinese woman! I complained to the site, they said they were taking the case seriously and came back to me saying the lady really exist and that I had nothing to complain about.

I decided I was just not lucky. So I bought some more credits and guess what, it happened again! Exactly the same thing! And yes I checked! Again an older fat ugly Lady! Absolutely nothing to do with the lady herself. Even the 40 year old ladies look like they are 20! I asked all the ladies I was communicating by letter to send me a natural picture, a picture of them in reality, the way they are. Not a single one looked like the lady on the profile. All ugly, I mean really ugly.

There is one of them for who I spent a fortune because again we had a great contact. In that time she has not even been able to translate my ph0ne number or communicate my email to the lady! I asked her contact details, again all I can hear from far away is 2 ladies speaking Chinese! And the line was so bad with echoes and cuts between sentences, a real headache!

At the end nothing! A real waste of time and money. They came back with a fake number in China. As I still had a few credits left , right after this complete farce I chatted with her to ask what had happened. There she had connected her cam so I paid the 2 credits per minute to see, and guess what again, she was not even close to the picture she sent me with her letter. Again an horrible overweight lady full of pimples with an ugly fat nose and greasy hair. I ask her what she had in mind and told her what I thought about her.

She told me that it was a picture from when she was in high school and asked me if I still liked her!! This is a big big scam. People are the same all over the world, every race has their hot people, ugly people and average people. And obviously if our exposure to a race or culture is only from one source either through personal experience or the media or etc.. You will regret it. I do, I am now taking care for her whole family. What a financial headache. And I will divorce my wife.

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