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Under his desperation, Shu Ning obediently leaned over, his little head rested on the shoulder that still could not be considered wide, the light fragrance entered his nose, there was a sense of security, there was no doubt, Shu Heng is strong, scary, but at the same time his steadiness was unequalled. This is the first time he had spoken so many words, Shu Ning felt a bit surprised, in his past life the most he had heard him talk was in the hospital, at that time Shu Ning was just about to die.

The feeling in his heart was bittersweet, even the emotions in his eyes had gotten complicated, his gaze fell on the data and he looked through it seriously. Shu Heng was a genius when it came to business, he had already developed future plans for the two villages, and had even created a business proposal, he wanted to stretch his hands out, and take a piece of the pie!

Shu Ning had worked hard for many years when he entered the company in his past life, naturally he could understand all of this: I wish to buy a house with the red envelope grandpa gave me. For someone who had never come in contact with a computer, if he were to mention it, he could only play some games, secretly trying to earn money on the net?

Might as well take down that idea. The landline rung, when Shu Heng took the call, he still did not forget to tighten the hold of his arms, preventing a certain child with bright eyes from escaping: He pouted his mouth, and did not speak. The call had ended just like that, Shu Ning understood after rapidly pondering on it. Comparing it this way, there was the difference of heaven and earth, Shu Heng was clearly only eighteen, I as a thirty some year old could still not compete with him, in the past life I lost badly, but fortunately big brother was merciful, he had never bullied me.

A gloom that did not match what a thirteen year old should have shone in his eyes, Shu Ning curled the corner of his mouth, right now he could make use of the second plot of land, and let her suffer!

There was a row of six or seven small pillow lined across the sofa, there were animal shapes in bright colours, there were cute bright round ones, adorable fruit shapes, and plain square pillows with no patterns in a faint warm colour……. How could Shu Ning not understand, he had been lugging his pillow for the whole day to and fro, and so Shu Heng……his gaze looked towards the unfathomable look of the young man, he felt warm in his heart. Qin Yu Zhuo had always given the best, the most fashionable, and the most luxurious to Shu Ning, she had never asked him what he wanted, and she was even more unhesitant when it came to using it, but Shu Heng observed him carefully, he was naturally extremely close with him.

Why is Shu Heng not following the rules again, he picked up the small person, and put him on the table!!! Like Liked by 4 people.

Like Liked by 6 people. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Liked by 3 people. Shu Ning, fake child or not, your fate has been sealed! Ning you started it, so take responsibility for creating a hugging addict. They are so cute, Heng will fall first, I hope Ning will respond possively.

Like Liked by 7 people. This novel is sosososooooo cute, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Like Liked by 5 people.

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