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Cancel or turn off recurring billing for a Microsoft subscription

I so sorry for all of you that are stuck fighting to get free.

Stay subscribed, get loot


However, not one billing statement was correct between July and October I had spent hours and hours on the phone each month to rectify the billing errors for basic service to one television. I was told that even though my records showed my dissatisfaction and though I had logged the time and detail of each call, that I would have to pay the outrageous fee to separate from their company without recourse.

I spoke to their retention department and asked for the next in line but there was no resolution to be had. In the course of the four months I lost the debit card I originally signed up with and then paid with online bill pay through my credit union. Who wants to be held hostage by a company whose tactics are little more that financial terrorism. I would like to set up a separate email address and have all dissatisfied customers, present and former, weigh in.

My mom called to find out what services they offered. Well this guy Adam from Florida was telling her his whole life story. He told her that she could get internet and phone, but did not state she has to find providers for those services!

My mom was just on the phone again for 2 hours trying to cancel the service. And she is looking for a attorney! She never signed any contract. And she keeps getting passed around like a damn joint. Our old cable company told us that they will do this. Any idea how to kick these assholes to the curb? I am trying to cancel my Dish service now.

Internet latency was close to 2 seconds DSL is 32 milliseconds 2. Sound and picture never matched 3. I opened an account 2 hours ago. I upgraded thinking I would get standard channels that I liked but did not. Just a bunch up sales, shopping,infomercial and old show channels. A bunch of crappy crap crap! I will be making a report to the BBB.

I have a feeling it will last for 2 years. Dish cannot connect me to the internet. They said that this is a pervasive problem. Even though the cannot provide the service I am paying for they will charge me They said that they would offer me three free movies for compensation.

I had dish many years ago when the fist came out they were Jhoney on the spot. Was thinking of getting them again. No way not going to happen. These guys have took and nose dive butt first. I so sorry for all of you that are stuck fighting to get free. God that hearts to here this. Dish what have you done these people are hard working humens. My original installation was free and they did show up on time. I hate just about every channel that I get.

A ton of infomercials and pure crap for the most part. Just suffering through the remainder of my contract. I called because Cox and Uverse offer apps that do not require DVR hoppers or special sling dings to watch your channels on mobile devices.

And all of the salepersons tried to act like their technology was so superior. Yeah right, the sling adapter is old dude. This should be a free service because Dish has no program to reward its loyal customers. It costs less to cancel it!

This is a bad company, built of deceit. That is why they contract out the service techs — because they know the liability goes to the potty. Before cancelling your Dish Network account, be sure to have the credit card or debit card you used when signing up changed to prevent them from immediately charging a disconnection fee. If you signed up using a credit card, they could cause you to be charged extra expenses if it puts your account over the limit. Dish Network will take the numbers you have given them in the past when paying your bill, and they will debit your account without permission rather than allowing you to pay by check when the funds are available.

Nothing can be done about it. I hate them too, but it is what it is. We gotta pay up and move on. Spread the word for sure. Attach a writ to your credit explaining professionally your reasons why if they ever turn you in. They also cancelled thier contract with channel 62 and that is the one station i got tv for. So mad right now dont know what to do. I also hate dish company. I live in CT service goes out every time it rains.

They agreed to hook up Internet, but told me Uverse not available at my new location. I challenged that information several times, and clearly asked that they double check- sure they were wrong. They insisted no Uverse, but could bundle me with Dish Network. I had no experience with Dish, but was told it was only option. I learned a painful and expensive lesson. I put dish network because the authorized dealer sales person told me that if i dont like the service or have any trouble with dish I had 30 days to call and cancel my contract without any penalty to pay.

Charges then bill changes it goes up always work for. Every dime out my pocket after that customer service rep laugh. Treat you like crap too much attitude. My contract end in sept now there try charge me.. For Sept now all of sustain my contact start in oct. Always try dip in ,y pocket then treat like crap laugh. I got dish to get their high speed internet.

This is the worst internet provider. They refused to work with me. I am very disappointed. Plz someone start a class action lawsuit,I would if I knew how to. I want it canceled right away! Hopper, internet, the whole bundle. I am filing a law suit tomorrow, ive had service for 21 days when I called to order I was told that I had a thirty day money back guarantee.

Im not playing with these people my family has a very good lawyer and I am calling him tomorrow. Also after telling the person on the phone the only reason I agreed to service is because I saw it online that they had that he then called me a liar and told me go ahead call a lawyer it wont get you anywhere.

Well I found the website among other things that will help my case and printed everything. I have only been a customer of dish for not even one day and had issues. They entered my order wrong in the computer and only installed a 2 room installation when i was suppose to have gotten a 4 room installation. Very very unprofessional people displeased with their services and the way they talked to you was horrible.

Any ways if you were or are calling number you will not get anything resolved. Theres another number that you can call and they are wonderful and will be the same with everyone else.

They will ask why and i told them it was due to poor customer service and the dishonesty in what they sell there customers and they transferred me right away and my issue was resolved in less than 5 mins.

I hope this helps!!!!!!!! I will be moving pretty soon because of my health condition. I am a cancer patient and I talk to Dish about this. First he ask me if there is a family member that would take over the account and i said no, he said the only way you can not pay the cancellation fees is under extreme circumstances, I asked what it is , he said, if you are dead.

I am a DISH customer for 5 weeks. I am sooooo dissatisfied. I feel despair at reading all these comments. I am stuck for 23 more months. Wish I knew all this before I signed up. I lived with a few friends for a couple of years. When they moved I went with Dish… a big mistake. We have had other issues with them, two weeks into our new install they canceled our free show hbo etc billing was 2 calls and is messed up again…. You sign a contract, a legally binding contract that locks you in for more than likely 2 years.

Therefore, you cannot break said contract without paying out the terms of the contract. It sounds like jennifer works for dish. We got internet thru dish about 4 months ago.

It does not work. They have sent techs out 3 times. We cannot get out of the contract. You think that is reasonable? Contracts are not intended to benefit only one party. If you move to an area where the service is not available then THEY are in violation not the consumer. And yet they still want to charge a fee for a contract THEY violated? Do you work there Jennifer? Because you sound just as ignorant as they do. Worst customer service EVER. What can I do to get the fee waived or lessened????

I am JUST like the rest of you…totally disgusted with the dishonesty and utter lack of any semblance of customer service with DISH…they promised me a service they never had…LIED to me about it, and now threaten to charge me the enormous cancellation fee you all mention. They deserve not only to be out of business, but to have criminal charges brought against them for fraud. Lucky for me the service tech that installed the hardware forged my signature on the contract. I never even saw the contract until it was emailed to me.

We shall see when I get the final bill. I will immediately file a complaint with the BBB if there is any fees on it other than my last month of service.

I tried to cancel dish. So I lower the plan to nothing. So I have a low payment. I own the equipment outright and have never been under a contract with them, so this was pretty easy as far as cancellations go. The service was installed around November of and has always been unreliable at best. I have not been able to access the service when needed; and for several months I have had no access. I made several calls to customer service for repair.

The two technician visits I did receive were effective for about a day of service. I was advised that the problem was resolved and also that there was no problem. However, I am still unable to connect to the internet. I reminded them that technicians have come out and have told me that there is no problem despite the fact I still have no service.

Your help is appreciated,. I always lose singal. I tried canceling and they said I had to pay dollars to cancel. I did not agree to that. How could anyone agree to something over the phone read by a person not an automated system. The man read so fast I ha to ask him to slow down. Also I signed up for basic cable. My bill is Avoid dish if possible! There service is horrid, and they are nothing but professional scammers.

My first experience with DISH was having the installer not show up at all. The second installer did show up late but was friendly. I reluctently agreed to go ahead with the install. The cost of dish was more than my previous basic cable. As a result I have been forced to watch shows I was lucky enough to record during the brief periods that my dish was working.

Shady business practices tend to lead companies like this to the front door of the Better Business Buerea or to court rooms where they eventually have to pay up. Nick, can you elaborate on what Legal Shield did? Your reasons for wanting to pay the termination BS? How long did you have left on your contract? I moved to an apartment where mounting dish satellite is not allowed. The Tech who came to my apartment conformed that too in his note when he was about to install.

Have no idea what to do next???? I have been reading the comments from dish customers. I too am very dissatisfied with dish network. From the beginning, they sent someone to hook up my dish and he did not use the dish required cables. He also hooked into an existing box that was put there by a prior company.

The programing is horrible and I seem to be stuck for another year. Dish Network is a joke and to be honest crooks.

They charged me a unauthorized charge to my debit card for I have contacted my banking institution and they said this very common with dish. I too lost my job and tried to cancel my subscription and DISH wanted a cancelation feed. I happened to get someone nice the 2nd time but the first when i asked for a supervisor the rep said she had just as much discretion to change the acct. I just got off the ph with a Dish Supervisor. I had a Tech come out to my apt. The line of site to the satellite is literally through my roof.

I am in an apt complex… I have had to have the acct put on suspension for over a year. I should have taken the time to read the contract. If enough of us do this we can get a class action against Dish, maybe that will get their attn. Just cancelled Dish after 13 years with them. I was transferred twice having to explain each time why I was cancelling to three separate people. I was not asked to return any equipment as I was told I own it.

Until I moved out of my house put my service on hold well I just moved into an apartment complex that does not let you have a dish without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.

They took my account off of hold, without contacting me about a month ago and I go to check my bank account today. Dish Network are complete crooks! After being with them for 9 years, they want to charge me a cancelation fee because we could not get a signal after moving to a new home.

We set up a dishmovers, for the day we moved, no one ever showed up. So we had to wait another 4 days to get another tech out to tell us that we would not be able to get a signal. The tech indeed told us that we should be released from our contract because there was no signal available.

But no one is allowed to drop equipment off there! If this is how they treat a loyal customer after nine years then I do not believe they value or treat any of thier customers well. You don t want to do that. Paid under protest,that way when a class action lawsuit is filed against them,you will get your money back. I cancelled my inferior service 6 days after installation. I will do everything I can do to steer everyone I know and everyone I meet away from Dish.

I know a lot of you are trying to find a way out of Dish cheap. One possible solution is transferring your account to a family member of friend. I called the CS immediately. Now, Dish Network is asking me for a fee to return their receivers and remote controls, and some other things with a fee. I was wondering how long can one lease Dish Network equipment before it loses all its value. I have been with Dish Network for Six Years. The CS at Dish Network was even trying to get me into the task of climbing the roof of the house for their dish.

Since Dish Network brought their business to my house, I think the right thing is for them to come and get their equipment out of my house. I might have leased their equipment, but I have also help them to store those equipment in my house for six years.

I am worried the way Dish Network deals with customers. Just cancelled VR8 was not what I would call easy going but he did not put up to much of a fight to keep me either. They say I have to send back equipment and all and that is it. Hope if I come back in the future. If people start using satellite providers again. That things will run smooth.

If you cancel, you have to pay for the shipping. We were not getting the service and we complained, and they sent a technician and then dish charged me to fix their fault.

This is not a company I will ever engage. Bad service, and so many fine prints and they really rip you out… Hope the words spread.. I filed a compliant with BBB and advise everyone having problems with them to do the same.

I have also been taken by Dish and need a way out of the contract. The service is really bad, I canceled and they want the early cancellation fee.

Say one this charge another, people need to drive them out of busness. Gte out and post as much as possible on every internet site you can. I have posted on facebook, tweeted and put a piece in our local paper, get out and spread the word, this is the only way we can drive there business in the dirt.

Only had service for a short time and kept loosing the signal,called them numerous times and was always told their over the phone fix. Told them it still does the same thing and could they send a repair man out. I hung up on that one. I ordered Cox and disconnected Dish eguip. To my surprise I had to mail them their equip. They sent me a e-mail that they received it and they are going to inspect it for damage.

Another way to fleece money out of you. Use the Better Business Bureau for what it is for. The more complaints to them the more likely Dish will do as they should or be forced out of business. I will add myself also. I got my dish connected about 13 days ago with problem After problem. Talking with a rep tomorrow to hopefully resolve this issue. If not i will be sending a complaint to BBB and my state and local attorney general. Hi Tracey, This I have been trying with them about canceling and getting the same responses.

So, whenever you restart your regular programming, is when the contract re-activates and you will still have to complete the 2 yrs agreement. Ive had the system running for 26 hours and have already cancelled due to them not providing me with what I clearly, specifically asked for. Thanks for the tip about BBB. I just downloaded an app on my phone that records phone calls in an attempt to get them to state something that will get me a case and will also be going to the BBB to file. I hope that together, with the law on our side, we can wipe dish network off the map.

This is exactly my problem with Dish. It was just installed 5 days ago. Yesterday I got in the situation that the Tigers game was rain-delayed. When it finally started, I increased the record-timer as far as it would go. SD programming is unwatchable garbage. I am paying you for an HD package. You misrepresented yourself to me and you hold me liable for your inability to provide the service you promised.

Three months might be considered reasonable. I would think it represents a large scale case of: If every one read and understood all the fine print in similar contracts, there would be little to no business conducted. In my opinion Dish Network is promoting a big time scam in order to provide an easy cash flow for themselves. Add my name to deceit by dish and add Hughes Net also!!

Do not deal with Dish or Hughes Net spread the word! I have the same exact problem as the rest of you. I got my dish installed 10 days ago and the technician told me that we might not get a signal for the local HD channels. So, I agreed for him to go ahead and finish the installation. The next day, I saw that my next door neighbor has their dish extended way up to the roof and turned to the southern sky, perhaps to get the reception that my technician did not get.

The standard definition quality is absolutely crappy. I then demanded to cancel it. I was not even given a copy of the contract when the technician came last time. The customer service rep on the phone was very rude and not sympathetic. I looked them up on BBB and filed a complaint there. Any action taken on Dish? I see so many people complained, but no solution. From our old location, I agreed to Dish Networks through a phone call with All Connect, a company which purported to represent many utilities in our new location.

I have never seen nor signed a contract directly with Dish, cannot see or hear my All Connect verbal agreement, cannot protest to Dish because they tell me to settle through All Connect, and now have to deal with a collection agency. All Connect and Dish Networks — stay away from them. As victims of deceit, all we can do is keep spreading the word regarding the poor service DISH seems to spread around steadily, until the consequences affect the company.

I signed up for Dish a few months agon and I lost my job 2 weeks ago. I am unable to afford my monthly dues and contacted DISH to explain my situation. I didnt foresee lossing my job therefore i did not forsea having to terminate DISH services. There has to be another way. My options at this point are either: There has to be a better solution.

The only way i got out of paying the whole thing up front was i opened a credit card with no apr an payed my termination an final bill. An make payments to my credit card. Dish network said they would not raise my bill been with them since was paying My parents have them an been with for 9 yrs an their bill has not even went up a dollar they pay Im done with dish told them their service sucks an their crouckered to their customers an surprised they are still in business.

Ask them about it. I tried that and the manager suggested that I find ask the person who lives in my old apartment if they wanted to subscribe to dish and that would get me out of contract.

I replied are you serious and he said yes. No actually apartments do not need to allow dishes to be attached to their property. They are private property and the owners can impose rules that state no dish services allowed. They are not allowed to state that you cannot have TV service of any kind, but they can restrict who you use.

They can tell you where to place the DISH so that argument really does not work. This is not true for private residences. My new landlord already has the house wired for a local service. Will not allow anyone else to drill into the house. And they have risen the cost of my service by a few dollars every month! Rep says not entered right by installer. Cancel you debit card that you signed up with them on so they can not automatically draft you account… Then you control when they are paid….

Dear ME, obviously you have never had anything bad happen in your life and you have unlimited amounts of money. Yes, when contracts are signed there certainly is an obligation.

But things happen in life. Jobs lost, serious illness, natural catastrophes, death, the list goes on. Have some empathy and sympathy for other people less fortunate than you. If you have been having a perfect life then that is good but not everybody can say the same thing. I never bought a car or a house over the phone. Personally I do not negate my obligations but I am tired of sales personal boasting products that never add up in the end.

This is known as false advertisement which seems to be out of control these days. There is no number direct. But it does exist… they will go round and round with you before connecting you. And this method does work, but you have to give them 10 days to attempt to FIND the contract… in most cases they wont, but you call back and persist and they will let you out. If you sign up for a 2yr contract then of course you are obligated to that contract. There are ways that you could better your situation and still fulfill your commitment without talking crap.

You could take your service down to the lowest possible package and send back all but one receiver but wait then you would be able to watch every channel in every room free of charge. Big decisions are for adults either put on your big boy pants and own up to your bad choices or keep them to yourself. I went through the worst possible ordeal with Direct TV.

I had no contract signed and had the dish installed and had to cancel 2 days later since the wind would not let me get signal. They said it was for a 2 year contract I Had signed up for. They didnt care that they had picked it up nor that I didnt sign a contract went to BBB and that got know where.

If its states on there website about the 2 year contract they dont have to make you sign and i went to collections. I have on my big boy pants, the problem is that after 10 years and Dish continuing to drop channels that I pay for then that is a breach of contract on the part of Dish. Since Dish is the one in breach of contract there should be no cancellation fee since I am not getting the service I signed up for.

I am still under contract because of upgrading the the hopper. I have lost two channels and now I am about to lose my local CBS affiliate. Sounds to me like you might just work in collections department……no empathy whatsoever…. Actually they do have to make you sign. They offer services without contracts as well and they must produce a legal signature or you can sue them for destroying your credit. Must also prove the signature is yours. But I will say that an electronic signature is just as good as a paper copy.

Who owns this company? Some holy roller down south? I had a bundled service through Frontier, and called to get my TV service reduced to the cheapest possible package. They said the cheapest would be a DISH package and directly connected me with a person to schedule an installation. No one EVER said anything about a two year contract. A contract was never given to me to give me a chance to know what I was getting into. So a few months later I had to move from my home to an apartment and they came to reinstall at the new place.

Still fighting with them. Will consult a lawyer next AND ask them to send me a copy of this alleged contract I signed. I have and will continue to tell everyone I know Never to use them. Hello, I saw your response about the 9 month no pause. So for example if you have a 24 month contract you do a 4 month pause and resume service. You have 4 more months added to your contract to fulfill the contract time. I hope you are able to get some assistance to get through it.

Cancel your current credit card on file. Get a prepaid and put what you can pay each month on it. Sign up for autopay with it. You must be sure to cancel your old card. Report it lost if need be. How to Cancel Service Dish Network offers television and Internet services, typically with a two-year contract. There are other fees associated with early termination, including: If you object to any additions, modifications or deletions we make to the Site, your sole recourse will be to cease using the Site.

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