Imperial Cleaning Review: Are There Real Milfs On This Site Or Another Money Grab?

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They try to make you think that WantMatures. The only problem is that it's totally a lie. Just like the "winks" that we received, email messages are sent to people in the exact same fashion. There are absolutely no legitimate women sending us the emails that you see in the screenshot below. This is all part of a massive con job to get as many people as possible to fall into their trap of upgrading to communicate with other members on the dating site.

The only drawback is when you upgrade, you still can never meet up with the women who are emailing you because they're not real members of the site. Screen shot of the 13 emails that were sent to us. Dating sites like WantMatures. You need to understand that dating sites like WantMatures.

These type of dating services are more popular with male users. This is not good if you plan on running a casual sex type dating service. How are you going to attract a large amount of women to make up for the landslide of men joining the site? All you need to do is start getting photos of attractive looking girls and then start building fictitious profile pages.

Other sites that we have reviewed in the past actually we're paying people to create bogus profiles that were then uploaded to the various dating sites. Is that what's going on with WantMatures. You have no way to identify which profiles are truthful and which ones are untruthful. There is no identifying logo or some special icon to see if what you're looking at is real. For this reason we can only assume every profile on WantMatures. It's easy to get men to register on casual hookup sites but women don't flood in like the men do.

This is the main reason that website such as this one resort to criminal and fraudulent activity by creating fictitious profiles. They don't have enough female members registering. To make up for this shortfall they take it upon themselves to manufacture bogus profile pages that they use on their website to trick people into purchasing paid subscriptions to interact with the phony profile pages of female profiles they have made.

Below we took a screenshot of the profile page we created for this undercover investigation. As you can see circled in red we never uploaded a photograph, and we never filled out the personal information. That however didn't stop us from receiving emails and instant messages and we can't forget all the "winks. This is just more proof that this website is completely rigged against men looking to hookup with real mature women.

Screen shot of our blank profile page. Below we have included some parts of the terms and conditions page where the website's administrators admit that they create profiles which are maintained and managed by their employees. They also confessed that they use some type of automatic pop-up notification system also known as a bots to send their members including us emails, instant messages and activity alerts such as "winks".

This is coming directly from them, not us! You can read all of this directly on their website by clicking on this link go to section 1 or you can read it below. We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees "Staff Profiles".

To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user i.

Finally we would like to state that all the evidence we have brought forward is truthful. We joined the site as an undercover member to show you the results of what we learned. If you don't believe what we've written here you can do your own due diligence.

Register on the dating site, keep your profile blank and you will see the same results that we saw in this investigation.

Cancelled my card after reading this report. Only paid for 3 days at 99c to start with. Too late for me! Have already give my card details to these cancerous money making contact artists and have had to close my account and set up a new account with a different bank.

I have not given credit card information, but can find a way to stop getting emails from m. Their phone and skype address after cancellation does not work!!! What's wrong with these guys? The site is total BS. How about a Class Action Suit. I responded to every email and surprise No Responce except for live models wanting you to pay for their web cams. Signed for 3 days and bailed.

Tried cancelling on site it told me I had to call. Checked card transaction and the billed me something like 97 cents several times each day. I canceled my card called customer service got a major run around and a free month even though I refused it. They are a true scam. I am certainly glad I read this article before signing up to this blood sucking unscrupilous site.

Ineed to delete my photo and info now. I just wanted to say thank you for being here to warn guys. But I already figured it was a lie when I got tons of winks all at once.

And also when I just made the profile without even putting up my own pic. I have an email address that I use to try out sketchy businesses to see if they are a scam. In less than a half hour after my initial sign up I changed my preferences and zip code. Immediately the women's ages changed, along with their location for the same pictures. So I immediatley knew it was a fake site. So I copied your link about fraud to some of the girls who never reply to me and they responded straight away.

Then the under 35s get onto you every afternoon about 2 or 3. Trying to drag you off to their pay 4 sex webcams. The other thing Is The way the site drags you off to their other sites. Same spam when you join. They are dodgy as. Thank God I didn't give them my credit card details. Further how is it the same woman who are online on wantmatures who don't respond to me then do when your being enticed to other similar websites.

I had 80 hits on me in 30 minutes on another website offering same services. Has to be a scam. Why would anyone "Want Matures" anyhow?

They're old and worn out! Weathered and haggard from multiple child births, and from being ridden hard and put away wet!

Successful, classy gents like me always date younger. It's the only way to live! That's the first sign of trouble. Cancelled the next day. Don't use a real credit card, use a gift card. They can only charge up to the amount of the gift card and it's not tied to a bank. For all the shit talking about one site, you sure as fuck didn't rebutt with any "real" dating site with your so-called link at the end.

One shitty ad for Adult Friend Finder… sounds like a fucking paid advertisement tangent to me. Grow the fuck up, they all suck! My CC was charged for 2 different accounts,even though I only signed up for one, prior to my 3 day trial expiring. Please assist me to stop the bills…. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I cannot unsubscribe as I have tried Please help. This is the worst service.

Can you stop my subscription for me please Shane Same boat bro thought it was good one time fee… still charging my card. Please delete my account as soon as possible. Did it ever work? Because i just called the service and it sounds very scetchy. Please assist me to stop the bills… Thanks,. I didn't created an account and i just found out that my picture is on the site? I don't know what to do?

Can someone help me please.