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She kept on telling me to suck her titties. She moved away and told me to stand up, then knelt down in front of me and started undoing my belt and soon my trousers were around my ankles.

There was I face fucking my sister, what a turn on. When she came up from for a breathe I pulled her off and steered her to the bed where I payed her down and removed her shorts and panties then moved in and started eating her out. A few minutes and she was shuddering with the first of several orgasms. Then we pulled apart and stared at each other — the ultimate question unasked by both of us.

Then my sister was laying on the bed with her legs spread and pulling into her. She was wet and what a turn on. We fucked for a few minutes and then I came with a shudder giving her a cream pie. Since then I have been back half a dozen times and we have repeated our adventures. Fake post by someone at MH. The line ups are terrible. Ingrid, get better girls and also better PR ideas. Remember the WLs are mature. And older women know how to please a guy. Just got back from a Thai rnt.

Massage and HJ were good but have to say I feel a bit unsatisfied as the girl refused to go nude. This is why I tend to stick to a few regular shops which guarantee nude HJ.

Thanks for the publicity Larry! See our website for rosters and photos. All your favourite best girls and services! Stay posted for more info.

Ted, i found her to be very attentive. She is worth a spin. Depends what you are after. Cougar town has a lot of aussies. Dana and Danni are good or you can fuck Angel who is open to anything.

She was there working. I suggest you ring beforehand. You mite get lucky. Yes l fucked her biggest waste of money ever she is useless in the room she needs a bigger cock than lve got to make her open her legs.

There are three Chinese massage shops in Enfield, all on Liverpool Road The Hume Highway — on the left hand side heading away from the city. Be mindful of the clear way outside the doors, but there is usually parking across the road or on a close by side street. The other two are about 50 metres apart at the western end of Enfield, near to Coronation Parade.

All three shops provide happy endings. The shop is new, only opened in April Nice and tidy with rooms big enough to move around in, walls all the way to the ceiling, lockable door and a sturdy massage table. One thing good is a LARGE mirror on the wall of the room well at least the room I was in so you can turn your head sideways and watch you masseur. Selena had a good pair of tits, nice nipples and lightly haired downstairs.

Anyway into the massage, which was good, then came the rollover. Ended up with Selena on the table getting a clit massage and an orgasm, before the rolls were reversed and she started working on me, slowly and gently. During the session, Selena kept asking me if I liked younger girls, but I kept telling her that I like women her age. I not sure what that was all about. Anyway a new clean shop with extras available. A couple of things come to mind. Why quibble with 10 measly bucks — give it to her — be effing generous and she will try better.

Invariably they all have a vertical C section scar with the fat, droopy belly and tits.. So I would normally just go for the hj and forget the nude. Warning Ming is in serious trouble and still on the run. You are full of Bull Shit. You are a purveyor of nonsense. Go back to the psycho ward. Last week had Tanya FS. Jesus what a body! Happy to share this info with you all. Ming is a gentle Chinaman. Ming deals speed , he runs a shoplifting gang and he does standover work for Pawnshops.

Ming i also on the run for stalking Oxford St trannies and stealing their underwear. Incest Huge Pig you truly live up to your name.

Yes, we are certainly spoilt for choice with so many shops around. Can you name a few others into fs there. Thanks for the info… appreciated Have you seen June? Her pic on the website looks ok though. But a couple of them were well worth the effort. Tanya nice and tight and fully shaved! Lucky L thank you. Maybe Tanya like you say looks great. Love it when the implement stretches them up ever so lovingly heheeh. Interspersed with an occasion cheapy handy hahaha.

Not listed here so reluctant to blab. But if one sniffs around some pleasant surprises are to be found… off the beaten track. Was introduced to about a dozen MILFs and the place seemed busy. I picked a WL called Leesil. Not sure if that is the correct spelling. I reckon she would be about 50yo give or take 5 years.

I received an excellent BBBJ. The 69 was awesome. They would cheer and applaud. Big Bad John has fucked off. Which girl wants to be treated with gross disrespect and be a receptacle for your filthy slime in their mouth for a few extra dollars. Well Piggy, you obviously dont go out very often. Important facts for punters. After the pricko that runs this site loses Pty Ltd company structure, he becomes a sole trader.

He can no longer hide behind a Limited Liability company structure. You can be stripped of ALL your assets. Quality covered the entire spectrum. A couple of horrors mixed in with a few stunners. And a few were very buxom. In the room i asked my usual questions: I reckon she was in her 50s. Her service was excellent. Her boobs were very big. While fisting her she enjoyed a multiple of extremely intense orgasms. Got rock hard watching her body shudder violently.

Ended up dumping my load in her arse. It was a very enjoyable encounter. BTW no condom was offered. He is a cyber bully ie he is a coward. They have once again found a computer to write pornographic bizarre nonsense. Once found they will receive Electric shock treatment daily and also to the testicles. They write this nonsense because they have been sterilised and are impotent. Straight jackets await when found. They even fantasise about licking muddy smelly arseholes of old prostitutes.

Crapology is a Nazi sympathizer and supports boat smugglers and makes snuff films. In three words a Syd 99 reject. Go back to bed Jamie puke puke — you gay minge. You posted all these: Fuck you must be getting desperate. Go get a life. Just close the site down. Serves you right for posting crap. Mr Jamie Imelda Marcos hoards posts dating back to the stone age instead of shoes and handbags. Coward deleting my truthful posts. Robbie, i liked your review on Phoebe.

Would you be able to give a brief description? Height, body shape, body type eg fat, slim, skinny, voluptuous , boob size, ethnicity? Was she partial to DATY? Did it smell good? Have had a few at CT whose pussies stunk. Bruce, Pheoby is approx 5 feet tall, fair wavy hair, very lean size 6 with perfect large fake boobs. Very attractive and pleasant to talk to.

I never suggested anything. She is definitely a good fuck. I might do a threesome with Pheoby and Danni next time. No, No , No — Bwuce and Wobbie same same.

Two monikers — one maniac — fake report also. Why would anyone want to skite about a threesome — because you are a fucking dullard. Well fuckwits yes you admin … a homosexual that runs a female site but has no interest in females — only arseholes. A fuckwit that like to talk dirty to himself under various guises. A psychopath with no empathy for punters. She also does greek but charges too much. Damit, Danni used to be fucking unreal.

Ive found a lot of the women at cougar town are like machines and just go thru the motions and are not really fun to be with. Does anybody have any opinions on who is good at cougar town? Lets face it Robbie — you are through with women — my advice is to get a sheep and take it home. Well I think you and Ming are one of the same Jamie puke puke. I have better things to do so fuck the hell off and get a new life for Guys, anyone knows Nikki from Blacktown 8?

The Aussie woman aged around I have seen her times. The first time was in Hornsby. She was fucking amazing. While i was fucking her doggie, she surprised me and put my cock in her ass! My first time ever. This fucking session was covered. I think for all clients, she starts all covered and then if she likes the client she goes BBFS with future sessions.

I built a good relationship with her. My first session with her was 30 mins only. She told me to come at blacktown 8. My second session went the same at blacktown 8. Man that got me hard. It was her sign that she wants to be fucked barebacked. The next session same things happened dfk, pussy licking,fingering, rimming and then when it came to fucking i said lets do it this time. Took off the condom and fucked her for straight 40 mins and she came twice and she said i was one of the best fucks of her life!

Man it felt fucking amazing. Next session was a little bit of unluck. But eventually she said lets only have anal sex. She lubed her ass and waited for me to start fucking her ass in a doggie position.

No indication on using a condom, and realized she offers bare anal and possibly CIA. But i told her that i will use a condom for anal sex cos i was again little bit scared. She gave me bbbj and finished. Now the receptionist told me that she to a leave for weeks!

Anyone over here has spent time with her? Nikki if you see this, you probably know who am i zo. I wanted to take her out for a date as well. Thanx for the review. I too have seen Nikki a number of times.

Anal was always included. Shame the place is a dump. You are absolutely correct, Bum Alaska. One advantage of having a skinny dick is that i get heaps of anal. Anyway, have you seen her recently? Do you know when is she coming back? Awww gee shanks for saying so. But I think you would be much happier with a sheep and not a big pig.

Let me know how you go. They bleat a lot though. Get real you sad desperate fool , sorry to break it to you, but you are nothing more than a business transaction to her and there will be no going on a date.

He allows publication of extremely offensive and dangerous sexual practices most likely for his own bizarre warped mind and indulgence. He refuses to police the content and then under the guise of Wilson attacks another rival site unfairly that is behaving responsibly. He is actually attempting to deflect his unacceptable behaviour. Does management want to be stripped of all it assets?? It seems so to me. I look forward to be reading about that event … preferably sooner than later.

Crapology is another one of Syd 99 Admin owner Ming former Bangkok Tranny lovers who has finally learnt English and is spilling bile. Crap is a turd and and is a real wacko. Well both gave awesome head. Had a 69er with Maria before porking April in her pussy then her arse. Maria was tonguing my arsehole while i was fucking April.

Then arse fucked Maria in doggy position. April was finger fucking my arsehole. Yep ATM with both of them. The whole session was bareback. No woman would do anal without a condom 2. As if that happened 3. I have just let the boys in white know. You can run but they will get you. Then it shock treatment to the balls. Interesting how these bastards always camouflage their real intent by acting ever so caring.

Judging by our woozy politicians anything is possible. Every thing you accuse them you are doing. Wow what a man?? We all know you are promoting them. Are you ready for tea and scones with me and all my mates at Burwood Park?? So you saw them on Saturday? Thanks for the review. Can get the same service at Miss Heavens but it costs too much. A mate of mine went to see the girls mentioned. Just as he tried to insert his doggy in the bird let out a very foul fart that was lumpy.

Needless to say his cock shrivelled up and he could not get it up again. They point the accusing finger at everyone else to cover their miss- deeds.

Amoral and completely without conscience. Yes folks this guy is a psychopath. As for arse and pussy licking prostitutes — yes you guessed it — let Jamie do it. Unbeknownst to him she pulled the same stunt. As he was getting his weapon to ram her old arse — he noticed two things- this foul stench wafted around the room as she let out an enormous fart man it was lumpy and mud was around her arsehole and her stretched old pussy.

He had trouble getting it up for days after that. She excused herself, but the damage was done. Brilliant on her part. Just have a cheepo wank.

Went to Miss Heavens Artarmon during the week. Gave myself an early XMAS present. Booked only for 30 minutes as it is pricey. The session was not what I expected.

The whole session then degenerated into a lesbo suckfest. L fist fucked P who then squirted. Never seen that before. I fucked both of them in their back passages. Sex was with a dom. What a fantastic session. Cant wait to do it again. This fellow is infected with HIV and wants to share his misery with others by getting you to do what he did. Ignore this nasty pathetic low-life loser as he feeds on people responding to his posts.

Does anyone here know where I can get help for Sex addiction? There was a period where I was punting almost daily. Take on a serious hobby like learning Chinese. Hi Just as Mr Milas said. It will be difficult. But you feel you need to stop. Like a smoker you need to wean off slowly. Go once a week, then once every 2 weeks then monthly and once every six weeks.

That should be manageable — a treat once in a while. Of course fap in between the periods of abstinence. Thanks a lot for your ideas guys. Last night I even dreamt about punting and negotiating with the ML! I understand your issues. A place where your anxiety and other issues would temporarily disappear. I also did the same thing and was doing it never daily but up to 3 times a week at some point.

At least once or twice, like nothing. I then realised one day that I was looking for the solution to my angst and anxieties in the wrong place. So I took drastic action. It was hard at first. The first 2 weeks particularly. But after that I started enjoying the mental health benefits. I was punting for the thrill, and often to assuage my anxiety at other problems in life.

It was a escape. But after 2 weeks, I felt I regained control, all my health functions I am healthy and fit were performing better. I used a garmin to monitor my steps, heart rate, etc, and I noticed my average heart rate went down dramatically, and I was happier that I could stop.

I still looked at the rosters of the WLs I used to see regularly but the temptation, which remains there, does not compel me to go back. I say to myself that I could do it on occasion one day, but for the time being, it is best not to. Because if I do it, I may want to go back. It is best to discuss it with a therapist. You will find out you are not the first person to have been through this, and you may get to the root of the problem: I have felt a million times better once I stopped.

I was a heavy punter but I thought it was time to self-respect me and look for the solutions to my issues elsewhere. Because it was never the sex. I wish you all the best and keep sharing this. For help with your sex addiction, i suggest you buy a pair of boxing gloves. That will stop you from wanking.

Robert That is a very poorly thought comment. The issue raised by Massage Addict is real. You missed a great opportunity to say nothing. And if you are son balanced and clear yourself what exactly you were doing posting here at 5 am? I gave it up because I was using it to relieve anxiety and stress, not for a sexual need. I was still getting sex at home no problem and of a good level. Then one day I felt the urge not because of sex but because of my stress on other parts of my life.

I went back but even though I had a good orgasm I realised when I was cheating, not my wife, but myself. I was looking for the solution in the wrong place.

Maybe one day, if I have the urge for variety, but to relieve stress, no more. That was a mistake. I discussed the issue with many WLs in the past, and most agreed that many used punting as a substitute for company not my issue , to beat loneliness and to get out of stressful situations. It is rarely, very rarely, because of Sex. This is a topic many punters may laugh about but if they are honest with themselves, a few should admit it and do something about it. Since I quit, I felt better.

And when I went back, it felt worse. Not because of guilt no way but because I was looking for relief in the wrong place. And when that happens one always ends up disappointed. Massage Addict — Just to add further to the debate by myself, Ray, George Look there is a lot of sound advice given and the other two gents spent a lot of time relating to you their problems and how they sorted it out. I can agree — there is a problem when the need to visit a parlour is a compulsion and beyond the ability to resist especially when many times a week.

You may find this compulsive need in other areas of your life. And I question if spending large amounts does not have a highly sexual charged component attached to the act. For me to feel a young lithe body and to have that young body arousing me to climax is fabulous.

Unfortunately, there is a large cost component and you ultimately have to weigh up whether you want to do this frequently, infrequently or never again. The last one would be very hard — I really question whether the other two gents can resist permanently. Maybe a middle of the road approach is the answer. As for going to see old boilers — This I know for a fact. I indeed can resist without any problems. Just a quick Maroubra and Mascot Report. Went to Botany road. Rather plump girl, ok massage, ok happy ending.

There are a number of new places on Gardeners and Botany road. This is pretty close. Went to MH in Artarmon. These days i only get there about once a month. Was introduced to over a dozen lovelies.

As usual I did not remember their names but there were a few new ladies. I selected a newbie named Lillian. She can best be described as a BBW. Well what a surprise in the room. It was a real PSE session. Well what and old old fool you are. More the point is this is a fake promo for MS. Then go home and fuck the missus.

A lot safer as well. Thanx for your input. Got sick of using Pal, Churchy etc.. BTW I dont need your advice. You must lead a miserable life. I am NOT consumed with any envy,inadequacy, low self esteem.

To go with old bags makes it so for you. Do they make your heart race?? It makes sense Jamie you are hard up to even entertain making it with old girls. Because you are scared to go with young girls — you are impotent … with your chronically limp cock and large flabby arse.

These old bitches play up for you — oh you handsome man.. Most likely you are describing yourself. You really are a pathetic individual. So, as usual you are full of shit. Park your flabby old arse with some wrinkly old bird, with floppy old knockers. If it makes you happy. Just talking for the sake of talkin Jamie puke puke.

Getting worried nobody reads and listens to all your shit?? Do these bitches give you a kickback???? I spread her legs even further and started fucking her bareback. I kept her cheerleader socks on just for good measure and because she looks really cute wearing them.

I felt like spicing things up so I got underneath her as I laid down on the bed, and the skinny naked girl rode me reverse cowgirl style. She slowly took my big cock inside her pussy and she started bouncing on it hard.

She went really fast while she was doing this and she was moaning like crazy. She started playing with her tits as I kept slamming her pussy from underneath her.

I pulled the little slut back and started shoving it in even deeper with every thrust. I was going in really hard and fast at this point as I wanted her to experience my girth as much as possible. Then, I bent her over to fuck her doggy style. This is my favorite as I can control her small teen body however I like. I slid inside her tight pussy and started fucking her hard. I fucked her from behind as hard as I could while she was shaking with pleasure.

Her legs were spread wide apart and I went in for a few more times before cumming inside her. I really fucking hope this bitch is on birth control. Since he always falls asleep after blowing his load she entertain him with a hot blowjob, sucking and stroking his big throbbing erection and making him blow his creamy load inside her mouth. She made sure not to swallow, and as soon as he fell asleep and started snoring, the naked girl sneaked into the bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat with her legs spread wide open, spitting all that sticky cum into the palm of her hand and rubbing it on her cunt, pushing it inside her with her fingers.

She made her boyfriend believe that she was pregnant, the good side being, then now he could fuck her and come inside her as much as she wanted! Yes, reverse psychology at its best! She got down on her knees and started sucking and stroking that big hard cock, knowing soon it would be feeling her with lots and lots of sticky cum and finally getting her preggers. She got down on her hands and knees, feeling him pushing it deep inside her gushing cunt, fucking her doggie style from behind.

He always uses condoms, so feeling that delicious cock bareback inside her made her squirm with pleasure. He sat on the couch and she straddled herself on top, performing a split while riding on his boner in cowgirl position. Her delicious bubble shaped ass bounced up and down his lap as she put into practice every single best sexual position to get pregnant with. She flipped over, riding him in reverse cowgirl, finally feeling all that hot and sticky cum being injected inside her pussy as her boyfriend blew his load.

When she pulled out of his cock she could feel all that warm semen oozing from her slit in the shape of a sticky creampie. The teen girl got filled up like never before. He liked it so much he kept fucking her in all possible possitions and filling her up a couple more times, just what she wanted!

She moaned, and his cum squirted deep into her hot pussy. She cried out with each push. His cum squirted and squirted into her cum filled cunt. When I came back home from college and found my stepmom sitting in my bed I knew I was in trouble. She decided to clean up my room and found my huge stash of condoms. Some open, some closed, some even used and still filled with cum. Man, I felt so fucking embarrassed. My stepmom is a beautiful mature blonde with big tits.

She was wearing tight black leggings and an even tighter top so I could see the contours of her juicy bubble butt, her big tits and her erect nipples, which made my cock so fucking hard as she asked me about the condoms, asking me if I had ever fucked a girl bareback.

When I said no, I saw her eyes brighten up, she even bit her lip! Noticing the big throbbing bulge my erection was forming under my pants, she unbuttoned me and grabbed my boner in her hands!

She took it to her mouth and began sucking my rod! She massaged my cock between her big tits! Then she my horny step mom asked me if I ever eaten a pussy before and fantasized about sex with older woman, lowering her naked ass onto my face.

I had never really eaten a pussy before but I had seen it in porn. My hands grabbed her ass and pressed her against my face. I began licking her slit and even found her clit with my lips. I reached up to grab her tits, pushing them together and squeezing them. She grabbed my dick and began sucking it in a 69 position! I was ready to blow in seconds right in her mouth but she wanted my dick in her cunt!

My naked step mom sat on me and I placed my hands on her buttocks to pull her close, my erection pushing between her legs. She held me close to her beautiful breasts and I enjoyed the feeling of her big tits pressed tightly against my face.

She had a pair of the most beautiful boobs. Her breasts were full and round. All I could do was lick and suck on her erect nipples. The horny MILF got down on her hands and knees, pushing my cock inside her dripping wet pussy and telling me she wanted me to fuck her bareback! She wanted to be the very first slut I fucked without a condom!

The hot mature woman rode my pussy and I fucked her in missionary position, eating her out and fingering her asshole until I was ready to blow my load inside of her cunt, leaving my stepmom with a sticky creampie! This sexy blonde teen just came back from college and her beautiful brunette cougar stepmom is helping her unpack. Finding tons of sexy lingerie, sex toys, condoms and lesbian porn in her bags leads to a candid conversation about their mutual lesbian sex fantasies, which in turn leads to her beautiful teen step daughter enticing her into playing out some of their filthiest and nastiest girl on girl kinks!

Mommys little girl YUM! College has sure made an impact on her beautiful yet previously so cute and innocent stepdaughter, turning her into a blazing, assertive lesbian fuck slut! As her stepdaughter squeezes her big tits and bites down on her succulent nipples, she gets more and more aroused, her body squirming, asking for more.

The sexy woman lets her young step daughter strip her totally naked on the bed and spreads her legs wide open as she dives between them, her wet pink tongue wriggling in her wet slit, parting her tender pink pussy lips and eating her out like a consummate Pro.

This is definitely not her first time eating snatch, this young lesbian must have practiced hours and hours with those sexy college coeds and those mature college art teachers! She straddles her face and rocks her trim teen body as her stepmom sucks the cum from her clit. Another example of really well shot lesbian porn. She is so expressive of her lust for girls. She puts on sexy lingerie and lets me rub and massage her pussy and tits when we are alone. I keep rubbing her cunt over her panties and the cotton fabric is already drenched in her pussy juices.

A few hours later I find her brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she left the door open on purpose, I know it. She tells me to spank her harder. She takes my hand and shows me to her bedroom, locking the door behind her and pulling down on my pants, letting my huge erection spring to life. She straddles herself atop, pushing my hard cock into her tight asshole!!!

She was so turned on from watching my cock enter her ass. I pound her dripping wet pussy and her gaping butthole in several different positions until I blow my load all over her slutty face! Now my stepsis is my sexy anal slut! I finished cleaning the pool and invited my stepdaughter, a gorgeous blond, to take a dip since her mom was away. She was taking quite some time so I decided to go check on her.

I guess I should have knocked first. I opened the door and saw her taking pictures of herself with her phone while wearing this skimpy pink swimsuit that barely covered her body! I told her she looked like a slut and I decided she needed to be disciplined, so I put her over my knee and started spanking her. The G string of her swimsuit was buried in the crack of her ass and with every spank, her body squirmed on my cock twitched, throbbing hard underneath her. I was getting fucking turned on, and so was she!

The teen slut got down on her knees with her tits dangling loose as I pulled down my pants and buried her face between my legs, making her suck and stroke my huge boner. Man, she knew how to blow a dick! She swallowed my cock all the way down to my balls, making gagging sounds as she tried to take it all in. She massaged her tits while giving me head, spitting on the tip of my cock and spreading it all over with her tongue and fingers. I clutched the bed sheets, trying to keep myself from writhing around with such lustful pleasure as my step daughter now fully sucked on my cock.

In general she made love to my cock as best as she could. My hands were all over her young naked body as I flipped her over, spreading her legs wide open, banging her in missionary position.

My balls were slapping against her as my cock drilled into her harder and harder. She continued playing with her tits and I jammed my thumb in her mouth and she sucked it like a dirty little slut.

Only 18 but knows how to suck and ride! I rubs her slit with my fingers while slamming her hard on her bed and she moved up, sitting on my face, burying it between her legs, letting me tongue fuck her gushing pussy and tastes her delicious fluids dripping from her parted pink slit.

Beautiful young girl with a lovely face and great unadulterated body. Loved the way she kept her eyes open when giving a blow job. She slid back down, pushing my fat cock inside her, riding me some more, telling me how much she loved getting fucked by me.

Her teen body was being lit up with sexual shock waves of pleasure and she was quickly coasting to an orgasm. I pounded my cock into her petite body as hard and fast as I could.

Her young pussy felt so good around my cock and the sight of her tits bouncing with each thrust of my prick made this scene unbearable. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and she arched her back up as she now experiencing her own orgasm.

Her pussy pulsated along the length of my cock and the sensation was incredible. The first blast shot deeply into her womb. I felt my cock pumping spurt after spurt after spurt of my hot semen into her body. She could feel my cum hitting her belly inside. My cum was pouring down her legs as I continued to thrust into her. Her vagina suddenly felt warm and wet and full.

My slippery semen was oozing out around me dick. I looked at my step daughter and she kept looking up at me, the volume of seman was so great that it leaked out around my cock. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, carrying my seed in her pussy. White sperm was leaking out of her like a faucet. In the free version you get popups over and over again which are annoying for many reasons. We also heard that some people had issues with payment so we would recommend you to be careful and stick to the free version.

But, its a nice place to find hot chicks. These stats pretty much depict that this site is popular among people. No only that, over , photos are uploaded on passion per week. And, you would also be able to see all the elements of a profile like the profile picture, bio, and other stuff. Tinder is one of the top geographic location based hookup apps.

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