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Driver Assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. When driving, if you attempt to change lanes, the Blind Spot Monitor can help alert you to cars that may be in your blind spot.

The Active Blind Spot Monitor available when vehicle is equipped with Lane Assist on select models can also counter-steer within the limits of Lane Assist to help keep you in your lane if you attempt to change lanes when a vehicle is in your blind spot.

In addition to the visual warning in the side mirrors, the steering wheel can vibrate. Available High Beam Control Light Assist helps provide better visibility on dark roads by turning on your high beams at certain speeds. A camera mounted at the base of the rearview mirror turns your high beams on when conditions warrant it on dark or poorly lit roads.

It then turns them off again if another car approaches or drives in front of you. When moving, the available Lane Departure Warning Lane Assist can sense if you start to drift into another lane without using the turn signal. Within the limits of the system, Lane Assist can help steer to help keep you in the current lane. The available Parking Steering Assistant Park Assist can determine if a parking spot is big enough for your Volkswagen.

Then it will help steer the vehicle into the space, either parallel or perpendicular. You operate the accelerator, brake, and shifter; it does the rest. Available Park Distance Control has sensors that can help you back out of or drive into a parking spot.

Audible signals and the optical parking system on the display indicate how much space you have behind and, on some vehicles, in front of the vehicle when parking. If you get too close, the system beeps as a warning. Maneuver Braking included in Park Distance Control can apply emergency braking force automatically to help mitigate and in best case prevent collisions with stationary obstacles while you maneuver the vehicle in reverse gear.

The available Forward Collision Warning included in Front Assist system can help monitor traffic and can alert you acoustically and visually to a potential front-end collision with the vehicle moving ahead. If it senses that a collision is imminent, Autonomous Emergency Braking included in Front Assist can support the driver with increased brake pressure or, under certain circumstances, it can apply the brakes automatically.

And that means convenient features that help keep you comfortable and confident. Stay in your comfort zone while your passengers stay in theirs.

The key fob does the job. Leave it in your pocket. You can automatically unlock the door of your e-Golf as you grip the door handle. See Owner's Manual for further details and important warnings about the keyless ignition feature.

Do not leave vehicle unattended with the engine running, particularly in enclosed spaces. Locate your last parked location, 28 check if you locked the doors, or call for help in an emergency. With its distinctive hatch, sleek lines, and futuristic-looking LED taillights, electric describes the looks as well as the motor.

And you thought the motor was impressive. This feature can be turned on remotely, so your window can be defrosted and clear by the time you sit inside. The e-Golf gets extra interior details. Like the blue accents on the shift knob and the e-Golf emblem in the front of the shifter.

We designed the e-Golf as not to invade the Specially designed just for the e-Golf, they help add smoothness to the ride and pure style to the appearance.

See and be seen. The sleek, bold design is only part of the story. Hmm, seems to be a theme here. When it comes to safety, we take it seriously. Front and rear crumple zones help absorb crash energy, while a rigid safety cage helps deflect it away from the driver and passengers.

Not all collisions cause airbags to deploy or safety belt pretensioners to activate. In the event of a collision that deploys the airbags, 32 the ICRS can turn off the fuel pump, unlock the doors, and activate the hazard lights. Not every collision brings a car to stop. It can help bring your car to a stop after a collision, helping reduce the chance of any additional impacts. The features discussed are designed to help mitigate the effects of certain collisions, and are not a substitute for attentive driving.

Monitoring and maintaining proper air pressure in your tires helps with efficiency and safety. The TPMS helps alert you to a loss of tire pressure so you know when to add air. From Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution EBD , which helps maintain appropriate stopping power during a hard-braking situation, to Electronic Stability Control ESC , which can adjust engine throttle and apply corrective forces to the wheels that need them most, there are in total seven stability-enhancing systems to help you maintain control of your vehicle.

Based on EPA estimates. Your mileage will vary and depends on several factors, including your driving habits and vehicle condition.

Enter your zip code for regional offers. Of the 21 compact cars reviewed, the e-Golf SE scored highest in the compact car category based on a total point score in 13 different attributes, including handling, fuel economy, ride quality, and interior noise.

Life's as big as you make it. Build Yours Get a Quote. Give the city a jolt of energy. Color for display only; may not be available on all trims. Features that keep you humming along. Go the extra miles. Find your way around. Instead of around and around.

Then go all over. A few of the benefits of driving an e-Golf. Performance Start a longer-distance relationship. The new source of your superpowers. What are the benefits of purchasing an e-Golf? Estimated Annual Fuel Savings Slide to calculate annual fuel savings based on your car's current mileage. Estimated Annual Fuel Savings. Technology inside the cabin, as well as under the hood. Discover Media touchscreen navigation. Take your favorite apps for a ride.

Learn more about App-Connect Start Over. It really is a work of remarkable vision. Rear View Camera System. Parking Steering Assistant Park Assist. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Important information Legal Disclaimer This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention ear earbuds headphones tips buds bass ears stay connect android calls pairing connection controls volume double sounds paired phones hear. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. This seems like a nicely designed unit that will stay in the ears under exercise. According to them, there's a problem with the Bluetooth protocol "settings" within the earphones. They are "working on it" but can't say when the problems will be resolved. Excellent ear buds for long hours comes close to 10 hrs. Voice seems to be clear on the other side and its good.

Draw backs it has got one 75mah batteries on each of the head units because of that head units are large, they look bulky protruding from your ears. Not suitable for people with small ear canal. Ear buds tips are usually interchangeable across head sets, but not the ones in this. You have to use the ones that comes with it. Doesnt stick with ear for long. Last but not least music quality not that great. For casual use its good if you really wanna enjoy music pls look further.

Liked how it quickly paired with my iPhone 8. I really had high hopes for this because of its affordability ok, another good feature. Average sounding; bass is mediocre. If you like to use these for jogging, ear piece attachments does not stay on after one month. Use different attachments and on two occasions, an ear piece detached and had gotten stuck inside my ear.

Then it totally stop working altogether. So, I returned the pair to be replaced, thinking and hoping it was an isolated incident, but then the replacement had the same problem. I would NOT recommend this product. They sound pretty good and block out outside sound well enough. I dislike the default tips, which stick way deep in your ear, but that's easy to remedy--they give you plenty of alternative tips.

No problems with the bluetooth connectivity, which was a relief because I have experienced that repeatedly with other bluetooth ear buds. One small quibble is I wish the buttons were a little easier to feel, since obviously you can't see them when adjusting volume or pausing while you're wearing them. I'm getting used to it, but the bumps are subtle. Overall I'm happy with the reliability and sound for the price I paid.

Perfect for working out! They never drop connection to my phone I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Gear S3 and are really simple to pair and use altogether. Like most things they are not perfect and have some minor flaws. Occasionally they do fall out of my ears or have to be re-adjusted while running or doing some high intensity workout, but this is not a huge drawback for me. They are perfectly good at staying in my ears when doing other workouts that are not as intense.

Also they do not have the deepest bass or highest quality of sound, but for the price I knew it wouldn't be as good as a like a big over-ear Sony bluetooth Headset. Don't let these flaws hold you back from getting them though! The sound, although not amazing, is still pretty good; not too soft or anything like that. I am able to turn up the sound too the point that it is too loud, which in my opinion is better than having a headset which you struggle to hear the music.

Also love how compact and durable they are! Able to throw in my pocket or backpack, without any worries they may break. One person found this helpful. No, they are not audiophile-quality sound, but with a bit of EQing, they can be made to behave. I find the treble a bit plasticky, for lack of a better term, but what's most amazing is the convenience for being out and about. Just clasp them around your neck with the magnets, no case, no hassle. And the combination of convenience with decent SQ is a winner.

Both are great on the go options. But for working out, or walking the dog etc. Only caveats so far is battery life haven't tested it completely yet and durability.

If they last, both in terms of recharges required and long-term viability, then you can't really go wrong. Jury is out on that aspect of the BE2s but otherwise, a great cheap addition to any collection. And the tips that come installed, the bi-flanges, work perfectly for me too, very comfy.

Overall, the design is the best I've had in terms of BT phones I only tried a few. Not sure I believe in burn in, but for whatever reason maybe my EQ skills the treble is smoothed out and now they really are a fun listen. But nothing offensive about their SQ either, guess you can say they are V-shaped and consumer-focused, but not in a negative way at all. In terms of fit, I dumped the bi-flanges for the single tips, and since my right ear canal is a bit smaller I use a small on the right and medium on the left.

Perfect comfort, and the controls are so easy to use. Anyone who uses phones on the go can't go wrong with the BE2. See all 91 reviews. See all customer images.

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