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To join a dating site and start getting so many emails from hot looking girls is a massive red flag that something is not up on the up-and-up.

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She isn't on SPDate. Her photo has been hijacked and then used to make a fake profile on the site No one would ever believe. Another way to spot a fake dating site is to create a profile which doesn't have pictures in it.

This is a great way to spot scams because in reality we shouldn't get any messages on SPDate. Why would any women want to contact us when our profile doesn't have any pictures in it. They don't know what we look like and we didn't put any information so they have no clue about our job occupation or anything else related to our profile. But it didn't matter because the site is in a real dating site. This is always one of our best tools used in uncovering pretend dating services.

The use of an empty profile page and still getting messages is a big red sign that the site is going to be a con. That's exactly what happened on SPDate. Screen shot of our blank profile page. The website has no way to contact their customer support, no privacy policy and no terms and conditions page. On top of that through our investigation we've proved the site has countless fake profile pages.

All in all this this site should not be trusted, even if it's free. The ability to meet real women on this site are nill. While looking at the women assemblied I came across 3 women utilizing my fiances image Rita Gambler. I actually chatted with these three scammers. While browsing through the collection of ladies provided for dating I came across 3 ladies utilizingmy my fiances image Rita Gambler.

I was chatting with the three and call them out. They were not verified either. Not sure if it's scamming actually, or just a feeder to try to get you to join the site localhookup. In terms of sophistication, the chatbots appear to have a little intellect, and give the illusion of a conversation.

It's quite amusing to see what you can get them to say. Yes I agree they repeat things far too often and their responses seem robotic plus everyone is 19 thats absurd. When I used spdate they always asked the same questions over and over again and said to join a meet up id website.

I was on this site all fake profiles and it was the same questions over and over again. I met a real life person on speed dating you know what we're still together fixing to get married so some of your allegations kind of messed up.

I believe the game is increasing it's own popularity. I couldn't bait them into selling or directing me to pay for things. I agree with you, women on this site are fake, especially when it's the same question asked over and over again from supposedly different women, you can real bust them when you ask for their number, they shut down or you lose your membership saying, membership was deleted cause of not following rules, I'm glad I got deleted.

We are engaged and the photo was stolen. Follow the instructions on this site — http: We did a review a couple years ago and this site is still operating and nothing has changed it still has fake profiles everywhere. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. August 5, at 5: July 31, at 5: August 29, at 7: March 5, at 6: May 24, at 5: September 6, at 1: September 17, at 3: October 3, at 6: January 5, at 7: May 22, at 4: The signup process takes less than a minute and requires that you enter your first name, email, gender, age, and password.

Moreover, you can do it even faster and register via Facebook or Google Plus. After you complete a registration process, you can upload your photo and add more details on your profile page.

You can find several categories down there: SPdate creates an easy hookup dating environment for those who accept and enjoy the way social media function.

To understand what makes SPdate special you may look through the following features:. Hence, the experience you get when exploiting SPdate will remind you of the moments when you browsed social media platforms. The good news is that the service is absolutely free of charge as there are no options to upgrade your membership. Many online dating websites claim to be free, but then surprise you with fees for additional features such a possibility to chat with other members.

As you can see, Spdate offers a convenient and simple service. The features are completely free, and you will lose nothing if you try to find a girl here. Maybe you will get lucky and meet someone sexy online. So, give it a try! It works like a social media, and I love that. SPdate definitely varies from its competitors.