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Proven: We Have All The Evidence That Is A Scam

If you take a look at the screenshot that we have included as evidence below you will see circled in red that you need to agree that the website uses "Online Cupids" which they call fantasy profiles. Although they want people to believe that there are horny girls on the site looking to have sex it's all lies!

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As you can see in the screenshot circled in red it says the word: By now you should understand that this isn't a real girl sending us an instant message, it's an automated software bot masked and disguised to appear to be a real female messaging us.

It's all a trick used to get us to upgrade and buy membership package to the website. Screen shot of one of many chat messages that we received. Even more evidence we've included below is a screenshot of the various women who wanted to add us to their buddy list.

These buddy requests are all run by bots and are phony. Every time we looked at one of these profiles it came up being an "Online Cupid" which is of course a faux profile. This is just another marketing technique used to get you further into the site to dupe you into upgrading to a paid membership.

If you have no idea that these are fake profiles then you would add these women to your buddy list and try to communicate with them. Communicating with anyone on the site will cost you a monthly membership. Screen shot of bogus buddy requests that we received.

This is the best evidence that we can give you. This is the terms and conditions of the site. In the terms and conditions as we've mentioned a couple times they discuss that they are responsible for creating fantasy profiles called "Online Cupids". These are fictitious profiles and they admit to it in their terms and conditions page. They also confess that they hire paid third party contractors that operate these fake profiles.

They also tell us that they send messages through these phony women which are automatically created, no real human being is sending those messages to us. And they tell us that we can never meet the "Online Cupids" in person because of course they aren't real members. You can click on this link to read the most important parts of the terms and conditions page on the website or you can read them below. With all the incriminating evidence that they've supplied in the terms and conditions we have proved that this site isn't real!

It has no real women, everything on the site is a mirage. Do not trust this website. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. February 24, at 1: February 26, at 4: April 28, at 1: Divorced, older women looking for fun, bored housewives who need some extra attention, sexy MILFs and naughty neighbours all looking for a little bit of horny action on the side.

Sign up in a few simple steps and they can all be yours! Your personal email and details are never on display. Even your bank statement won't show snapcougar. It's free to join so sign up and search for local MILFs, cougars and mature women for casual fun right now!

What are you waiting for? Meet Sexy Cougars Near You! This is usually a great sign and might be able to make up for the scam ads and overall sketchy vibe.

Sadly the profiles of every attractive woman we look at were obvious fakes. Most of the profiles used pictures of models that can be found elsewhere on the internet. Somebody make an effort, but not too much of an effort, to fill this site with the photos of attractive women.

Sadly it is very likely that none of them have ever actually logged onto this site. This is a favorite tactic among the fake cougar dating sites and can be very effective in getting young men to sign up for a paid membership. In our case we received three messages and three buddy requests in less then five minutes.

Now you might be thinking that sounds pretty good. If this was a legitimate site you would be right. In this case it is extremely unlikely that three attractive women would message someone with a blank profile within minutes of them signing up!

It looks like our previous review was right on the money. As of Cougar. It would appear that they have finally given up trying to convince you that this is a legitimate site and now get straight to the point. It is pretty obvious by now that this site is to be avoided. You will not be seeing it anywhere near our Best Cougar Dating Sites list this year or ever. It is already hard enough to find and meet attractive older women.

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