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This Review Explains How They Run Their Scam

June 6, at These sites include FuckBook.



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Answered Nov 23, It's another in a long line of small adult dating sites that pull profiles from other sites and pretends to be a sure thing for getting you laid. For most of the guys I've talked to, they see a lot of success once they get serious about their profiles and learn to talk to women online a little better. The best resource you have for meeting women online for a hookup or a relationship is your mind.

Use it to improve your profile and learn the art of messaging. This is how you can actually start meeting women online. There will continue to be tons of new adult dating sites popping up in the foreseeable future that will claim to be the "next big thing" but then disappoint.

Don't hinder your outcomes by searching for the next great dating site that will get you laid by tons of women. Instead, improve your chances of meeting more women online by improving your online presence and how you start conversations with women. Is Uber a scam? Is Amway a scam? Is Straighterline a scam? Is ExpertOption a scam? I like to investigate online potential scams sometimes. Usually, you have to dig through some Bs sites set up by the company. This one was among the easiest investigations I have tried.

I saw zero supporting stories. The answer appears to be that if you are stupid enough to put in a credit card it will say that it did not work, please try another. In reality it will charge 50 plus to any card you enter. It will then spam email ads to you. If you try to cancel that, they may just send more and sell it to other spammers.

The site itself apparently is pretty much strictly fake profiles with porn links and clips. If you really are desperately curious, make a dedicated email account some free account or one that let's you make multiple email addresses. Apparently, you can use a phoney bank account number to gain at least temporary access. I presume that is technically fraud, so I cannot recommend it. However, as a fraudulent site, I doubt they pursue any cases.

Get custom dating app development. We provide robust dating app development services. These "friend requests" are all automated just like the emails that we have received. You can have these women as friends, however if you do try to initiate a conversation with him by email you are automatically asked to upgrade and purchase a membership.

No one is actually sending us any friends request. It's all a scam to trick us into purchasing a paid monthly subscription. The scam is always about money and nothing else. They want to trick you into upgrading so they can make millions of dollars off of gullible people who have no clue how these scam operations are run.

In fact, they actually admit to the practice and actively describe how they use phony profiles. It is all written on their terms and conditions page. All the emails we received were sent from so-called "company provided profiles" marked with the letter. Every single girl who emailed us has the letter in their profile signifying that they are actually a fake profile see vidence below.

The bottom line is the emails we received were emailed from fake girls who don't exist as members. Taken directly from the terms and agreement page we have included the imcriminating evidence for you to read: I am a such a stud.

He's not an idiot. There's no telling how many millions these "idiots" have robbed lonely men of. These sites include FuckBook. But if you have read the terms and conditions of the site, these cupid profiles are for entertainment purposes only just stated on this review.

But there are still other real users on it. All you just have to do is distinguish the real ones from fakes. This way you wont waste your time talking to fake profiles and to this so called "cupid profiles". This site's service is for adults seeking pleasures online.

We just have to keep it clean and safe from real fake profiles which are made by real users to con and scam other members of the site.. This site is awful, every women wants you to print your card details on their 'website' no thank you. There should be some law against this.

I think it's just terrible they put in thier terms and conditions that they do not actually provide the service they supposedly provide, but fake it to get people to pay them. Even if they do actually provide it. I'm from ForestGrove oregon , and I'm looking for a good site to find a local fuck with out being scammed can anyone help me with this.

I hooked up three times from Fuckbook. There may be fakes, but there are on ALL these types of sites. You cant escape it. Doesnt mean the real members cant find each other and hook up. This site is a joke!!! They dont want you to disclose email info and will delete your account but i got several guys who wanted to kik. Once i told them i couldnt and could only email. The members on here even take pics with their kik name. I got better luck on other websites.

Fuckbook cant handle my perfect boobies: I got caught up in the whole instant fuckbook Scam and it went on for 6 months. It almost destroyed my life. It hacked 3 different email acounts i had people calling me fromn diferent countries saying i scammed them out of bitcoin and thats just the start of it i was banned from many websites had numorous fake profiles of me with old pictures of me put on alternative lifestyle dating sites.

And there is even worse such as upcoming legal issues that are arisimg from it. My buddy has already tried to kill himself twice over it.

Glad I did not become a prime member. Reality and Truth is, there is no such thing as free sex. So get over it…. You are going to pay for her utility bills, dinner,drug habit, clothes,even marriage, or anything else of value. A woman look for love and marriage is lying.. It is all about benefits.. Take this info from a Pro.

At 55yrs old , been there done that, accept for the marriage drama. When you understand my previous post, you will learn how to deal with these dating Sites.

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