Imperial Cleaning Is A Scam That Claims To Be Free

From the first instance that our testers took a look at FreeHookupSearch. In order to cancel you have to send a FAX to the U.

CasualDating4U Headquarters

— First Impression —

In other words, that this is the real McKoy —a place to find sexually charged hookups. This consists of a sleek and modern looking welcome page. It does not share the look that is common with many other dating sites that are stuck in that earlys.

This praise of its design aesthetic is the last positive thing that we have to say about the site. That seemed odd to our testers, considering that two of them work remotely and are located over 1, miles apart and they both got served the same batch of images. Hmmm, probably just a coincidence, right? When you hover over these images you are shown the usernames of these supposed members.

On the welcome page, FreeHookupSearch. Brace yourselves, these are the realities regarding FreeHookupSearch. First, it is not really free. Yes, you can register on the site for free, but that only entitles you to a standard membership. In other words, you can look, but you cannot communicate.

To activate the full functionality of the site you need a VIP membership. There are no proprietary matchmaking algorithms at play. It is just a run of the mill search engine. We tested the mobile version of the site — it was horrendous. When we did access the member area it would freeze repeatedly. You bet your sweet horny bippy it can get worse. Once you register you will be inundated with messages from supposed members asking to chat with you. In our testing, all of these came from automated messaging bots, not real women.

The purpose of this is to lure you into paying for a VIP membership. Also, when our testers conducted searches they did not come across any profiles that belonged to real women. We have included the most important part of the terms and conditions below for you to read.

This is probably the most incriminating evidence, when a criminal admits to the act that he or she has done. In this case the dating site is admitting exactly how they defraud and scam people directly on their website. These messages may be transmitted to multiple recipients at the same time. This website does everything in its power to deceive you, trick you and eventually scam you. All the evidence speaks for itself, and this site should not be used if you are seriously interested in meeting real people.

Thank you so much for doing these reports and looking out for us poor gullible searchers that are inclined to believe something is free. It looks like we are making a difference, which is great! Glad you never got ripped off by this company! Hey thanks for posting these. I wonder if Christian Mingle is fake too? Can you look up that one? It has similar hot women as well. We have reviewed all these […]. I will wait for your reply. I was a member of XSocial.

They say they will refund my money only because I'm a recent member and I sent them a nasty email mentioning your site threatening to expose them for the fraud that they relly are. We'll see what happens. I have this girl which i never seen her before asking me so many time in past 2days to join this site and i wasnt sure. Glad you found this review on Freehookupsearch. This forum says its fake hook ups but what happens when they start contacting peoples facebook messager, should i be concerned that this 'people' on this site might be actually be real not a scam?

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Review of Free Hookup Search