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In Bali the movement started in and our web site is been there since then, catering information's for local riders and visiting kiters. In our pages you will find all kind of information's and news!

From the wind statistic, wind forecast, where to ride, all the best spot of Bali and Indonesia, the shops, the schools, tides charts and all you really need to know about our favorite sport. If you would like to contribute we are an open sources and will welcome anything that could be useful for the community. We did few trips in others Indonesian Island and discover some places that are today world recognize for the great condition's of wind and waves like Sumbawa and Bintan.

The Indonesian archipelago is formed by over Looking forward to see you in Bali. Exclusive real time wind reading in Bali. Article by our good friend Bruce Exton for Kiteboarding Magazine…. If you are looking for a winter escape to get some wind, sunshine, waves, great food and more fun than you had on your last bucks night then a winter trip to Bali could be just what the doctor ordered.

On the surface Bali looks like a great holiday destination but it does have underlying problems which can ruin your trip.

Bali does not have good reputation as a good wind spot but, if you understand what it can offer, you can have a great time. It is also one of the few spots in the world where you can take a non-kiting wife or girlfriend and they will be totally happy with the endless shopping, massages, nice resorts, amazing food and spectacular restaurants. The following tips will help you make your next trip a little bit easier and safer. Best time to go. There are really only few windy months starting from May through to September.

June-July-August are the best bet but try and travel outside of Australian school holidays as it gets tight on airfares and accommodation. Check also with AirAsia that has many new flights from all over Australia. Taking your gear is an issue and you will most likely end up paying excess luggage.

My suggestion is to buy a Star Class seat on Jetstar and get the 30 kg baggage allowance. The other option is pre buy extra weight when you book. Jetstar allows you to buy 5kg units which really help. Booking early will save you heaps. Kite wise take your bigger kites. If you are just staying in Bali you can forget about needing your 7m. For surf kiters I would recommend a 13 and 9 and for twin tip kiters go an 11 and If this happens you will have to negotiate a fine.

This is totally unofficial but it does happen. Take a large daypack as your carry on and put all your heavy stuff in this like your fins, spreader bar, possibly your bar if it fits. Then pack everything else in a double surfboard bag. I can get 2 surfboards and 2 kites in a bag to weigh around 20 kg. Using padlocks or zip ties gives you peace of mind that nothing has been added to your luggage and you can breathe easy when you go through customs.

Bali has the worst arrivals process you are likely to experience anywhere. Once you pay that, then get in line for the slowest process of your life while they stamp your visa and enter your details. This has taken 1. After clearing immigration, go and get your bags and go through customs.

Porters will offer to carry your bags for a few dollars. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia, and you must have proof of onward passage either return or through tickets. If you cannot fulfil both of these requirements, you may not be allowed to enter the country. As you can imagine there's an enormous variety of accommodation available in Bali. It varies from magnificent five star resorts to simple jungle cabins, depending on the location.

If you a flat water kiter then definitely base yourself at Sanur or Nusa Dua as there heaps of good areas for kiting inside the reef. If you are a surf kiter then stay at Seminyak where you can kite straight off the beach. Here are some options that I have stayed at: Book your hotel well in advance.

I have used www. Bali is 2 hours behind Australia. Credit Cards and Money. Major credit cards are acceptable in most hotels. The best way to get cash is to use the ATMs and make sure your card will work overseas before you go. Travellers cheques are not worth the hassle. Beware that moneychangers on the street will try and scam you or charge a heavy commission. Wind — The wind comes from the South East and hits Sanur where it is generally onshore and light to moderate. As it passes over the land it gets compressed and generally is stronger on the Kuta side but is slightly offshore which makes for gusty conditions.

An average windy day in Sanur is about 14 knots although it can be better, hence why large kites are recommended. Wind strengths at Seminyak to Canggu can be 15 — 20 knots on good days. Flat water kiters should stick to Sanur or Nusa Dua. You can launch in front of the Sanur Beach Hotel and the Rip Curl Kite School operates from there, please note that there is a charge to use their facilities.

Bali Kitesurfing School is at Kite beach, located just around from the hotel strip. This is a better location as you can access the water even at low tide. There is good surf outside the reef if you want to head out but I would not recommend kiting by yourself out there.

There is a good shop right in Sanur run by Jankie who has a good range of gear to choose from if you break something or need a repair. Jankie also runs a great Italian restaurant and a hotel which is good value. Is a long strip of beaches where many of the 5 star resorts are based. Kiting is possible inside the lagoon on mid to high tide and would be a good spot to base yourself if you were taking the wife and family. It is possible to do a down winder from Nusa Dua to Sanur. Its lots of fun and a really beautiful way to see the coast.

There is some surf at Nusa Dua but it is on the reef and is recommended for experienced surf kiters only. The tide is critical on this side of the island, so make sure you know what it is doing to avoid being caught outside the reef when it goes dry. Kiting at Seminyak — Canggu. It is possible to kite from the Bungy Tower all the way to Canggu or any spot in between.

However, as mentioned, it is side offshore until you get to Canggu where it is side shore. Canggu is the most consistent wave spot and does have a crew that kite there. The beach changes angle the closer you get to Canggu and the wind is more side shore.

Best to avoid Echo beach as there will be surfers in the water even when is windy. Be aware of the rocks at Canggu when the tide drops. This spot also has windsurfers and Euros who will continually get in the way when you are on waves.

Be aware that the wind drops at about 4pm and swings offshore quickly on this side. There are shops at Canggu for drinks and you can arrange for a driver to pick you up from there. Most hotels use volts, 50 cycles and a round, two-pronged slim plug. Bathroom shaver plugs usually have a transformer switch. We suggest taking an adaptor for your appliance. The traffic in Bali is nuts and there are no real rules.

It is really congested and it can take an hour to travel 10kms so try and travel outside peak times if you can. You will find a range of chauffeur driven limousines, self-drive cars, taxis and hotel courtesy cars. Most taxis are metered so insist on the meter when you start. Bemos are a unique form of transport. They are a minivan masquerading as a communal bus. They park outside most hotels so chat to the driver and negotiate the fare that suits you both. This year I met about 4 people who had come off bikes and had their trip ruined due to injuries.

Travelling around Bali is made all the easier because everywhere you go you'll find friendly people who are only too happy to give you advice and directions on how to get where you want to go.

We g0ys represent who the majority of men historically are! And because that's the truth - you won't need switch off your higher brain functions, nor compromise your ethics, nor accept gender-bending behavior forced on you, nor abandon a relationship with God as some men have been falsely led to believe.

For those with questions along Theological lines -see the " God Hates " section to the left! G0YS - making waves in the media! That's a documented fact -as many people are translating the simple, core g0y philosophies into their own languages and impacting their own cultures. That's the real story! You're into masculine guys but you're not You don't care about any media programming with the word " Queer " in it; nor do you relate at all to men who prance about with the same mannerisms as the guys in movies such as the: That's 3 out of every 5 guys and it may be as high as 2 out of 3!

Take a few moments to meditate on that last point. It's not a " minority " as you've been so often told The minority consists of the guys in high-heels with dildos stuffed up their asses! Repeat it until it sinks in and changes your world view. That is the FACT that most guys are lying about.

And his peers believe it! An 11 year old knows nothing about sexuality his nor anyone else's. And if he turns out to be a criminal -- in a decade or two, --he'll probably be renting the prison-bitch for a cigarette pack; --All the while professing openly how "straight" he is based on the bizarre notion that as long as he's not the one being mounted I actually meant, " MOST "!

Pick 5 men at random. What he presumed was that his experience was normal for everyone. As a Kinsey-6 guy, I've never had that dichotic dilemma. But, I now understand the perspective of Kinsey-0 guys who think that "straight" is the default.

The fact is that most guys are BI , -while the men on the endpoints - even when their numbers are added together, are still the minority! See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Another fascinating observation is of the number of groups especially porn oriented appearing on the internet that exploit the term "g0y" - spelled w.

What a bunch of "0xyMorons"! Remember, -we warned you about their existence! Sorry, but the pure-light of g0ydom was bound to attract the proverbial "bugs" The locker-room trash-talk about ' FAGS ' isn't about basic masculine affection! And it is the Gay-Male media that is the loudest promoter of that lie. And that message - the LIE - causes a great deal of social confusion. And most men actively avoid any association with the "gay label" for this very reason.

So, -what are these protesters actually protesting? Consider the image to the right: It was taken in Latvia at a demonstration and the sign says: It's the mantra of the gay-male community. Consider that fact for a moment. And the signs displayed in the image to the right certainly do NOT seem to be targeting lesbians. It's what happens when society lets fucktards frame the argument. And men all over the globe in a movement called "g0ys" are declaring the harsh distinction between "g0ys" vs.

And when people hear about that distinction - amazing changes occur in the behavior of entire populations! The proverbial inmates, -for a major part, - have indeed, taken over "the asylum"! Aren't you g0ys just being "Homo-Phobic"? Stigma See analogy to the right. For example , what does dressing in drag have to do with being a guy into guys? Clothing is a cultural thing, so why do so many people associate cross dressing with "gay"?

If "gay" is merely about who a person is attracted to - as so many people blindly assert; -- then why make the connection with Drag, or other Intersexed behavior? The glaring implications of this common association mindset are obvious. The psychology of many "gAy" men into "drag" is a fixation on what is perceived to be feminine. However, the fixation is more often about "form" than actual function.

What does being a guy who is sexually interested in guys - have anything whatsoever to do with gender-bending in any way shape or form? We are men who love men[. Implying otherwise is simply a LIE. Human nature being what it is -- we don't expect many gAys up to their collective arse-holes in lie-based fetish-fantasy , -to embrace what is g0y: G0YS detest the concept of playing in another person's ass.

AnalSex is a dangerous fetish. Many people consider it immoral because the practice is by far the primary vector for spreading STDs globally.

The language such guys use to address other guys into AnalSex is likewise gender degrading: One writer observed that the 'gAy male culture' seems schizophrenic: Bizarre role models result in bizarre group behavior -- hence the preoccupation with anal-fetishes. However, just a great meal does not involve a bowl of shit for dessert; -- Neither does making love to another guy have anything to do with his anus.

G0YS reject association with a culture that is framed in the mind of the public as a bunch of shit-tainted, ass-fuckers. We choose the term "G0Y" because we are men who reject all of the 'self-inflicted baggage' ASS ociated with the "gAy-male community". Human nature being what it is -- I don't expect guys into anal-fetishes to embrace what is g0y: There is a fundamental syllogistic fallacy reasoning error that can be described by following generalization: The inability of the gay-community to police itself or set any standards within, constitutes a caveat that constitutes the basis for g0ys to make the distinction between "US" vs.

So, once again - I'll clarify our position to those who make such assertions: We don't loathe ourselves. We loathe YOUR complicit arse. G0YS are not "phobic" at all. Most men happen to strongly agree with g0ys on a gut level -whether or not they're open in admitting it. If this is not you or you feel some need to defend "all things gay", then you're in the wrong place. Click here to exit this site Most men keep the aspects of their best friendships extremely private: I'm attracted to an honest, masculine personality.

I consider them all members of my extended family. I'm amazed at the number of "gAy" guys who will accuse the G0YDAR essay of being a "manual to seduce straight men", -- and in the next breath they'll insist that sexual orientation is "fixed". They'll insist that you can't make a gay-guy - "straight"; -- while suggesting that the article on G0YDAR helps make straight-guys - "gAy"!

What g0ys understand by instinct - is that we don't embrace the stigmas surrounding what society says "gay" is ; --Quite the contrary. It can be a painful existence feeling isolated - believing that you have nobody on earth to talk to about how " you " feel.

Kinsey hit on the 'g0y' phenomenon when he compiled his statistics in the 's. When you read the statistics about men who have had at least one sensual encounter with another guy It's a complex psychology, but so many g0ys are afraid of the 'gAy label" that they feign to be " totally-straight " -- that is until they meet another guy who overwhelms their feelings.

Most men are, indeed, amBisexual to some degree. And I want to drive that point home by adding that ALL of the men I've ever had a close physical relationship with are considered "straight" by everyone who casually knows them.

It is my experience and firm belief that the number of men who have physical relationships with other men do so in an environment complete privacy and far outnumber men who call themselves "gay". Get that FACT between your ears. Society constantly tells a LIE saying: Once you realize this fact, -it'll change your entire view of male sexuality. Attraction is not a simple thing. It even spawns more attractors that cause more activity! Although this type of abstract analogy may be beyond the intuition of most readers, - let it suffice to say that actual mathematical models now exist to explain everything from variances in sexual attraction -- to why some people hate broccoli while others like it.

G0Y -- is an attractor set - that many, many men understand intuitively without knowing the first thing about Kinsey, or chaos mathematics. This website examines the 'shape' of being "g0y". If you don't understand, -- ok. We can help them to understand. We are the G0YS! There are N0 written rules: One particularly odd phenomenon I have observed since g0ys became a global term - is that many people usually "GAYS" seem preoccupied with what they call the "Rules of G0YDOM" - as if g0ys has a set of bylaws.

Apparently, many "gay" men can't imagine that there are men who find the notion of anal-sex to be completely antagonistic to masculine behavior. Apparently, many "gay" men can't imagine that there are men who find the notion of gender-bending to be repugnant to their basic sense of being a man. Those "gay" men must believe that men who don't do those "stereotypical gay" things only abstain because they are following some set of rigid "G0Y rules".

Such "gay" men simply can't fathom the notion that most men simply don't want to jump into the flood of abuse that the "gay" male community paints itself say "paints itself" as being the embodiment of. You either share these traits or you do not.

Those who share these traits we refer to as G0YS. No "Rules"; - But simply the innate reality of being G0Y. Remember that simple fact. And, whenever you read an article, essay or see broadcasting in which a series of "Rules for being a G0Y" are presented; -- you'll know you're seeing something done by someone who doesn't understand even the 1st principle of being one of the G0YS nor probably what it is like to identify as a man!

While the sure-secret to success has never been found; - the surefire way to failure is to try to please everyone. Hear all men out, but don't let someone dumber than you teach you metaphysical subject matter. Guru This website contains lots of citations, statistics, stories, anecdotes. Statistics can change over time. Some of the accounts are actual; -Some are fictional. Why use fiction to make a point? Because a wise person once observed: Intro reopens site G0Y?

Despite controversy surrounding some of his methodology, -- mounting evidence continues to confirm that his scientifically conducted findings were indeed, - accurate. So, the question is: The tragedy is that modern society has lost sight of the extreme differences that results from behavioral patterns.

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