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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Customers also viewed these items. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The best off-road lights brighten the terrain ahead, but must be rugged enough to withstand the bumps and shocks of the trail.

LED light bars are ideal , since the lamps are solid-state. See the LED light bar reviews later in this guide to compare build quality and their ability to resist dust and water penetration. You can augment these with red strobe LED light bars mounted high on your equipment. ATV LED light bars draw so little current that you can leave them on when trailering for extra safety. Courtesy of Isaac Summerville. Whenever you need to see your surroundings or be seen, one or more LED light bars makes a big difference.

A pair of auxiliary LED amber lamps mounted low will penetrate fog, drizzle and the gloom ahead. An LED light bar in your trunk, under the engine hood or the car interior lights up every nook and cranny. An LED brake light bar increases reliability over standard brake lights. Motorcycles and golf carts become safely conspicuous with the addition of strategically placed red, blue or amber LED light bars. Courtesy of Christopher Paul. High luminosity and low power consumption make LED emergency lights essential for fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and other public service vehicles.

Emergency LED lights fit in vehicle grills, sun visors, mirrors or on the roof. Choose white, yellow, red, blue or a mix to maximize visibility. Their millisecond on-off cycle time makes them ideal for flashing or strobe applications that alert drivers and pedestrians.

Bright white LED light bars will flood incident areas with light. Courtesy of Onus Technologies. A long, curved LED light bar producing 24, effective lumens will consume less than watts and draw 22 amps , which is less than most headlight systems.

It can flood a large work site with bright light. Smaller light bars on a truck rack can provide spot lighting or illuminate a truck bed. Add a backup battery or generator, and they are completely portable. Courtesy of United States Forces Iraq. High quality marine LED light bars are waterproof and come in a variety of colors. They make excellent navigation lights.

White or amber light bars will light up landing sites or dock approaches. Small light bars are great for illuminating controls, hatches or an engine compartment. Their input voltage range is a good match for most marine electrical systems. Courtesy of Highway Patrol Images. LED strobe lights can be white, red, amber, blue or green, any of which can draw attention to potential hazards. Light flashes can be regular or irregular to alert workers to out-of-spec operating conditions.

Rotating beacons are simulated by electronic sequential switching. Their low power consumption is suited for portable traffic control and construction warning signs. Courtesy of Joey Newcombe. LED light bars can bathe an outdoor patio or a garage in bright light. Smaller light bars can illuminate workbenches, crawlspaces or attics. They run from a 12 volt battery or a portable generator, so make reliable backup lighting during power outages.

Portable , mini light bars can plug directly into an automotive 12VDC outlet for hazard or interior lighting. They work well for under-cabinet lighting or to brighten a dark closet. They are often used for outdoor lighting accents around ponds or landscaping. These can be supplied with power from a small solar panel and sealed lead-acid batteries.

The LEDs within a single bar are usually the same size but power sizes and colors can be mixed. For example, a police vehicle light bar may contain white, amber, red and blue LEDs of various strengths. Some or all of these may flash. The smallest light bars are often referred to as light pods. They are used as side lights, work lights or portable spotlights. Cubes of 4 LEDs are regularly used as fog lamps. These are rectangular, enclosed arrays of up to 96 LEDs in a single bar.

The LEDs may be arranged in single, double or quad rows. The best LED light bar used for road or job site illumination has LEDs with a color temperature of K , which simulates sunlight on a clear day. Custom reflectors or lenses spread, focus or diffuse the beam. Two or more beam angles are created in combo bars. These light bars contain a single row of LEDs and are usually under 20 inches long. Their low profile makes them ideal for vehicle grill mounting. The range of colors available for LEDs runs from deep red to hot blue.

In your search for the best LED light bar , you will come across the term Cree light bar. Cree refers to the LEDs in the light bar, not to the brand of light bar. They are the highest quality , longest lasting , and most efficient LED lighting for homes, businesses and roadways. With proper current control, they have a lifespan over 50, hours.

Despite higher initial cost compared to other LEDs, in the long run they cost less to operate. This runs at watts and produces effective lumens. Unlike standard screw-in home bulbs, which throw light out in all directions, LED light bars concentrate their light in one direction. Modern light bars use computer-aided designs to achieve specific lighting patterns. The lighting pattern trade-off for light bars is between distance and beam width.

For the same luminosity, more distance requires less beam width and vice versa. When a design favors a wider beam width, you have a flood light. More distance is achieved by narrowing the light beam into a spot pattern. A flood LED light bar typically has between 40 and degrees of beam width.

Spots are around 10 to 30 degrees. Keep in mind that flood and spot degrees vary between different models of led light bars. So which one is best? It depends on the application.

Both are useful and a common choice is to buy one of each or purchase a combo bar that has spot and flood functions combined. A combo works by assigning the jobs of the spot and the flood light to different sections of the light bar. The best LED light bar of one manufacturer allows you to custom design your flood to spot ratio with swappable reflectors.

Enclosed LED light bars typically come in the following lengths: Light bars can be round, rectangular or square. As discussed previously, the beam angle dictates the width and depth of the area of illumination. For driving, deeper penetration is usually better and to light up work sites a wide angle works well. For LED light bars, brightness is expressed in lumens.

Measuring lamps in watts became obsolete when different lighting technologies came to market. The lumen indicates how much human visible light a device outputs. However, some light bar makers list their lights in raw lumens, which is the theoretical maximum, instead of effective lumens, which is a true measure of light output.

A rule of thumb is to convert raw lumens to effective lumens by multiplying the former by 0. This is a good, though not perfect, indicator as to the quality of the LEDs in the light bar.

Higher efficiency LEDs have a longer life and resist fading.