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This concludes our review, all the evidence speaks for itself. Email Messages Emails are another method that fraudulent dating sites use in order to deceive people and trick them into paying for a membership.


Let me start with saying that majority of profiles are fake. People you talk to are just Wildbuddies employees and they get paid for playing with other peoples feelings. For example, many ladies will Been looking at this site as i found mail in my junk box stating i had mail. Interesting as i never recall ever joining this site, although i do remember joining another Cupid plc site. Which i recall mailing cupid and asking them to delete my data and refund my monthly fee that was taken About a week ago I made a profile forgetting I had already tried it.

I thought I would upload a picture but keep it hidden, just to see how it went. It said I couldn't load the picture because the This site is a SCAM, littered with fake profiles and people attempting to fish for your information! Do NOT subscribe to this site! One lady messaged me, supposedly from my area, but couldn't name any popular local spots! I subscribed to the 3 day membership to try it out. The cancellation process to avoid being billed for months automatically is hard to follow making it hard to avoid the repeat billing system.

Never had any problems. Decent and honest site. Guys complaining should admit that online dating is simply not for them. I've never ever signed up for their service but keep receiving spam mails all over! This site WildBuddies is super simple to use and aint too expensive either, in fact its pretty average priced compared with some out there.

Id recommend it along with HookupHangout hands down the coolest casual sex site out there IMO as great options to get you laid. Give it the 3 month test, thats what i normally do. I like WildBuddies and im surprised that there aren't more positive reviews.

It sure takes a bit patience but it is a nice site for friendship with benefits. I'd rank it as one of the best sites and it comes pretty close to Vanessa Don't expect miracles and you won't get disappointed. Dont know about anyone else but im getting a bit bored of WildBuddies. I liked it at first as you normally got a few good saucy chats going, but recently I think its gone a little downhill. Ive not met anyone on the site in person for ages and the sex chat opportunities seem few and far between.

So tempted to give another site a try, hookuphangout. Are you f in kidding me?!?!? Use your brain, people, user your brain! I think WildBuddies is pretty standard, a middle of the road kinda site. Its not got the same buzz as sites like HookupHangout. Ive had some nice chats and a bit of cyber with one foxy minx, but other than that ive not seen all that much action.

Years ago, this site was actually worthwhile, and I met a few really cool girls. Of course that was then. Now, the site is totally pointless, as there are more bots and fake profiles than anything else. Don't waste your money, your time, or even the keystrokes on your profile If you're a current member, cancel your membership and shut these fools down. I have joined a while ago and have not met anyone in person: I still kind of liked the site.

Anyone ever used Vanessa It seems to be better than avergage? Inbox me if you have any information. Prefer sites like Hookuphangout. Not had a shag yet, been over a month,if I only used this site Id be blind by now. WildBuddies reviews Is this your business? Write a Review Ask a Question Share.

Helpful answer 1 Vote Thanks for voting! I would like to know when it will be as illegal for this KRAP site just as it would be for a high street shop selling any items that do not work or have nothing in the box Everything said here is accurate one effing massive KON. See all answers 1. Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! Why am I not getting direct answers to questions I ask is the response computeer generated or the members don't want to answer?

Yes if I sign up and pay for a period is it easy to cancel if I am not happy and how do you do so? Get answers from the WildBuddies staff and other customers. How long does shipping take? What is the return policy?