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Anyone having problems sending emails.? Where should we send the Jonas Brothers? Answer Questions Buttons have suddenly stopped working in my browsers? Is there a way to set google maps to avoid expressways? Now do I correct keyboard on Mac? Anyone have an ipad and haev this problem putting movies on it?

How much time can I record with my phone? MY computer was illegaly searched.? We have rewritten the mechanism used for collecting statistics.

We are still fine tunning it so it will take a few days until stats will be up and running. We had to swap a few HDDs 4 to be exact. Sorry for the inconvenience guys. We currently migrating all the data onto backup server. No ETR at this point. Server should be up and ready during the weekend. We had some problems with our frontend cluster you may experienced problems with upload, access to user accounts and public profiles, emails delivery. Some of You were concerned by the lack of new messages on our blog so we took the opportunity to give You an update.

Everything is going fine. Here comes a small list of changes since the last blog post. Unfortunately in order to get things right this time both the changes mentions need to be introduced together so it might take us a little more time.

For the last 48h some of you may encountered ugly speed problems from part of our infrastructure. We fight with this all day, and we won.

Our ISP had to switch whole our infrastructure on the backup router. We owe You some information about any issues with our website You might have encountered lately. We talk about the following:. All of this was an effect of a policy change on our hosters side. The changes prevented us from upgrading our infrastructure as we had to check for other offers. Good news is that we were able to get a good agreement for some decent new hardware from another hoster.

We got the first batch just 2 days ago and started the migration of a few of the most loaded and failure prone servers. If everything goes as planned Zippyshare will be back to its usual top performance by the end of the month. Keep You fingers crossed and give us some time to get the job done. Not all of the data has been migrated till now.

This means that some of the data on the servers will be not accessible for some time. No we are not completly crazy I can assure You. For the next 48h You might encounter files which after download have 0kb size. Just try again in a few hours time. We do our best to keep it as comfortable for You guys as we can. Our system found out that there could be domains with the same beginning as mailstudio.

Our system found out that there could be mistakes made in the typing process. The matching part of IP address is marked with this style. List of websites IP address and hostname mailstudio. List of websites IP address and hostname hajdpark. There are alternatives to mailstudio. We believe that these mistakes can be made in the typing process of " mailstudio.